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Company / Business Name: Sognef, Inc.
Innumerous scientific studies have conclusively proven that early diagnosis can exponentially increase the chances of survival and successful treatment. As it stands now, it is obvious that early diagnostics is possible, however, there are practical challenges in terms of the accessibility and extensiveness of the actual test. Sognef was founded with the intent of providing a solution to a necessity that has been overlooked for decades because of the regimented shape of the industry where costs are high, automation and accessibility are low, consolidation and comprehensiveness is absent, and markets are geared towards specialized physicians preventing proper and effective early diagnostics/screening.

Sognef’s vision is to have one, single liquid biopsy-based test that can provide early stage diagnostics for cancers, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, infectious, and rare diseases in a consolidated, cost-effective, simple, and practical manner. Around three to five years from now, when Sognef has developed diagnostic profiles or indications for all of its possible target diseases, the goal is to be able to provide any individual with a single blood test that can screen them for a whole range of diseases from common to uncommon to rare in a manner that is affordable, simple, and accurate. In the event that the individual who is regularly taking tests, develops a disease or condition (i.e. pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s, COPD), Sognef will be able to catch it in its earliest stages.
Employment Areas: Engineering; Science
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