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Mechanical Engineer

Job in Guangdong - China
Posted by Kaloud Inc
Contract position
Listed on 2020-09-11
Job specializations:
  • Engineering
    Mechanical Engineer
Job Description & How to Apply Below
Position : Mechanical Engineer (USA) 职位: 机械工程师(美国)
Job Type : Flextime | Working from a remote location 工作类型: 弹性工作制,远程工作
Work Schedule : Flexible 工作时间:灵活
Start Date : ASAP 开始日期:尽快
Salary Range : Commensurate with Experience and Local Rates 价格范围:根据经验和当地价格


WE LOVE GREAT DESIGN!!!  But, great design without great functionality is a dud, and we don’t do duds.   
我们喜欢强大的设计!! 但是,没有强大的功能再强大的设计都是无用的,而我们不做无用的东西。

With that said, we’re a super creative consumer products company with utility patents worldwide looking for a highly creative, fun-to-work-with, and inventive, Mechanical Engineer that’s interested in forging a long-term relationship with our company.
正如所说,我们是一家极具创意的消费品公司,在全球范围内拥有实用专利,我们正在寻 找一位富有创造力、工作有趣、有创造力的机械工程师,他有兴趣与我们建立长期合作关系。

You’ll have the chance to follow our projects from inception to manufacturing and put your fingerprints on products that deliver beautiful form blending elegantly with perfect functionality.  Our brand is global and so the audience for our products is very large, this means you will be expected to consistently exceed expectations on all fronts.  
您将有机会跟随我们的项目从开始到制造,并通过您的手指制造出优美而多功能的产品。我们的品牌是全球性的,所以我们产品的受众非常大,这意味着你将会被期望在各个方面 持续地超越预期。

This position is not for the timid, it is for the adventurous looking to leave a mark on time and space while understanding that the journey towards perfection never ends — the process is the prize. ;-)
这一职位不是为胆小的人准备的,而是为希望在时间和空间上留下印记的冒险人士准备的,他们要明白,追求完美的旅程永远不会结束——过程就是奖赏 : -)

We look forward to hearing from you and, if there’s a good fit, we’re excited to meet you and explore the possibilities.  

PLEASE make sure to TELL US YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE OR BOOK when you respond to this post so we know you took the time to read it... because, well, we took the time to write it, and we want to share in the things that delight you.  :-)
当你回复这篇文章时,请务必告诉我们你最喜欢的电影或书,这样我们就知道你花了时间读了 它……因为,嗯,我们花了时间来写它,我们想分享一些让你高兴的事情。: -)


Work with our design team to analyze design proposals, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and maintenance requirements of designs or technology
工作与我们的设计团队来分析设计建议,规范、手册、和其他数据来 评估可行性,设计或技术的成本、和维护要求

Specify system components or direct modification of products to ensure conformance with engineering design and performance specifications
指定系统组件或直接修改 的产品,以确保符合工程设计和性能规范

Research, design, evaluate, install, operate, and maintain mechanical products, equipment, systems, and processes to meet requirements, applying knowledge of engineering principles

Conduct research that tests and analyzes the feasibility, design, operation and performance of equipment, components and systems
进行研究,测试和分析了可行 性、设计、操作和性能的设备,组件和系统

Design a way to test the parameters of product components in order to understand the limitations of our products
设计一种方法来测试产品组件的参数,以了解我们的产 品的局限性

Recommend design modifications to eliminate machine or system malfunctions, reduce manufacturing costs, and enhance efficiencies
推荐设计修改消除机器或系统故障, 降低生产成本,提高效率

Lead the testing and product quality assurance system by designing procedures to ensure all problems are noted and addressed
领导测试和产品质量保证体系通过设 计程序来确保所有问题都指出和解决

Present information about each product line or manufacturing process
介绍每条生产 线或制造过程的相关信息

Strive to continue to work on developing new skills and knowledge within the industry by attending seminars, reading professional publications  
努力继续努力发展新的技 能和知识在业内通过参加研讨会、阅读专业刊物

Work with our team in order to develop new ways of increasing profit and reducing waste within the organization
工作与我们的团队为了开发的新方法在组织内增加 利润和减少浪费
Position Requirements
Bachelor,   3 to 4 Years work experience

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Proficiency in computer software programs related to design
精通计算机相关软件程 序的设计

Ability to write clear and comprehensive technical documentation for manufacturers and our team

Highly creative analytical mind, with exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail — this is your chance to be a wizard!
具有高度创造性的分析性的思维,具有 非常出色的解决问题的能力,对细节的关注——这是你成为向导的机遇!

Relevant work experience required

Fluency in speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin is required
流利的说、读、写普 通话是必需的
Required Language Skills:
  • Chinese - Very good
Questions to answer on applying for this job
  • Are you fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin?
  • Do you have a Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • How many years of relevant work experience do you have?
Contact Information
Contact Name: Kaloud Inc
Preferred method of contact: Email with CV via Application Box below.
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China-only applications: This Company / Employer has indicated that only qualified candidates currently living in China (and its citizens living globally) are being considered here for this position. Search Here for alternative jobs that match your location & skills.

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