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over 3 months ago 1. Manager for cnc laser producer Job in Tehran - Iran

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Position: company manager for cnc laser producer - Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for metal sheet processing. The laser beam...
Skills Needed: Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for metal sheet processing. The laser beam is made by a laser resonator, made by a transport fiber or mirror at the cutting head of the device, where a lens focuses it with a very high power at a very small diameter. This focused laser beam consists of sheet metal and melts it.

Advantages of Radox for CNC laser cutting customers:

Presenting CNC laser cutting by the most advanced and accurate American and German devices.
In the shortest time
At the lowest price
Special discounts for regular customers
The largest CNC cutting service pole in Iran
It has a central site with an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters
Complex of halls over 12,000 square meters

Laser CNC cutting capability:

Ability to cut all kinds of iron, steel, aluminum and copper sheets from 0.2 mm to 20 mm thick with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Important points for CNC laser cutting:


Conical angle: means the change in the diameter of the hole in the thickness of the cut.

Fins production: Definitely, the lower the plexus produced after cutting, the better the final quality and the less the need for a secondary machining process.

Kerf: In fact, Kerf defines the smallest radius that can be cut, which depends on the thickness of the sheet and should be considered in the design.

For example, very sharp corners should have a minimum r equivalent to a ridge. Also, the minimum holes that can be made in metal sheets depend on the thickness of the sheet. Obviously, the smaller the device, the more complex the contours and the smaller the thicker ribs.

Cutting speed: Much depends on the capabilities of the device and the power of the laser beam. The higher the power of the device, the higher the cutting speed will be.

Surface smoothing: One of the most important parameters in surface smoothing and non-oxidation cutting is that it is created by combining different technologies and correct and precise adjustment of control parameters such as gas type, gas pressure, cutting speed and laser power adjustment.

Manager for cnc laser producer Job

Posted by RADOX
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