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Compañía: Ham-Log-Gruppe, Uab
We, ham-log-gruppe, uab are a company founded by a german corporation whose main activities are: careful search and recruitment, consulting and hiring of employees for a stable and growing company in germany ham-log-gruppe holding gmbh.

Ham-log-gruppe holding gmbh - is a company that provides its services in the logistics industry in germany and throughout europe. Customers benefit from the high standards of services, provided by qualified and motivated warehouse staff.

Our employees are our assets. We ensure and are responsible for appropriate training and introduction to the work. Our working conditions are better than the legally required minimum standards. We provide high quality and safe work equipment, take care of the accommodation of employees and safe living environment and conditions. Our supervisors are lithuanians who are always ready to help the staff.

Our values:

Quality. We commit to working standards that ensure effective quality management. We always strive to ensure the expectations of our customers and employees.
Honesty. Ethical standards are an obligation for us. Our business is based on honesty and applicable laws.
Loyalty. We value the loyal relationships with our employees, customers and foreign partners.
Responsibility. We are aware of our social responsibility and stand by these values.
Respect. The maintenance of a positive and diverse work environment, as well as the promotion of an open dialogue and the appreciation of personal and cultural diversity are top priorities at the ham-log-gruppe.
Employment Areas: Almacén
Dirección: Taikos pr. 52C-704
Ciudad: Klaipėda
Código Postal: 91184
País: Lituania
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