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US Army Combat Arms

Job in South Bend - St. Joseph County - IN Indiana - USA
Company: U.S. Army Recruiting -Chicago Batallion
Full Time position
Listed on 2019-07-17
Job specializations:
  • Management
    Construction Manager
  • Environment
Job Description & How to Apply Below
Job Description

The US Army Combat Arms consists of three main branches; Armor; Artillery; and Infantry. Prospective applicants can choose which specialty they are trained in, before they sign their contract. The US Army is the only military branch able to allow applicants guaranteed training of choice.There are 13 sub-specialties in combat arms to choose from, and prospective applicants will discuss the qualifications and availability of these jobs during the in-person interview with our Recruiters.

Armor - The tank is the primary offensive ground weapon in mounted warfare. Its firepower, protection from enemy fire, and speed create the shock effect necessary to disrupt or defeat the enemy. Tanks can destroy enemy armored vehicles, infantry, and antitank guided missile carriers. Tanks can break through suppressed defenses, exploit the success of an attack by striking deep into the enemy's rear area, and pursue defeated enemy forces. Armored units can also blunt enemy attacks and launch counterattacks as part of a defense.

Artillery - Field artillery (FA) is the commander's principal means for providing indirect-fire support to his maneuver forces. Self-propelled or towed FA units contain cannon or multiple rocket launchers. Field artillery can neutralize, suppress, or destroy enemy direct-fire forces, attack enemy artillery and mortars, and deliver scatterable mines to isolate and interdict enemy forces or protect friendly operations. The commander may use artillery fires to cover key terrain, flanks, obstacles, and dead space to reduce his risk when maneuver forces are not available. Field artillery elements within maneuver organizations serve as the integrating center for all fire support elements. Field artillery units contribute both to attacking the enemy throughout the depth of his formations and suppressing enemy air defense systems to facilitate ground and air operations. Artillery fires can provide simultaneous precision strikes of targets at long ranges that other means cannot attack without significant risk. As mobile as the maneuver force it supports, FA systems provide continuous fires in support of the commander's scheme of maneuver.

Infantry - There are many different types of infantry units, such as airborne, air assault, light, long-range reconnaissance, mechanized, and ranger. Each different type of infantry unit has its own unique skills and organizational design, but all share the common mission: "To close with and destroy the enemy by means of close combat, fire, and movement." Regardless of their mode of conveyance to the battlefield-aircraft, tracked or wheeled armored fighting vehicle, truck, or foot-they all serve as a key source of combat power in close combat.

Airborne infantry units have the greatest capability for large-scale force-projection operations. They rapidly deploy over great distances and conduct combined arms parachute or air-landing assaults to seize and secure vital objectives. The commander can insert these units on virtually any objective area under almost any weather conditions. Once on the ground, their capabilities and lethality are similar to other nonmechanized infantry units.

Air assault infantry units have great tactical mobility and train to fight across the range of military operations. Their significant antiarmor capability-coupled with strategic deployability-makes them well suited as an early deploying force in contingency operations against heavy forces. They train and fight as a team in combination with artillery, attack, and lift aviation. They can penetrate deep into enemy territory to cut lines of communications, seize airfields, destroy C2 nodes, block reinforcing units, or seize key terrain. Because of their agility and mobility, air assault infantry units are well suited for covering force operations in appropriate terrain.

Light infantry units can operate effectively in most terrain and weather conditions. They may be the dominant arm in fast-breaking operations because of their rapid strategic deployability. In such cases, they can wrest the initiative early, seize and hold ground, and mass fires to stop the enemy. They are particularly effective in urban terrain, where they can infiltrate and move rapidly to the rear of enemy positions. The commander can enhance their tactical mobility by using helicopters and tactical airlift.

Mechanized and motorized infantry forces integrate mobile, survivable, and lethal, vehicle-mounted direct-fire and indirect-fire weapon systems and dismounted infantry skills into an effective fighting system that enhances the striking power of the combined arms force. Mechanized infantry has the same mobility as armor forces, but less firepower and protection. Armor and mechanized infantry train and fight as a team to defeat enemy heavy forces. When equipped with infantry fighting vehicles, mechanized infantry can accompany tanks in mounted assaults. The commander must carefully determine if, when, and where his infantry must dismount to accomplish its mission. Mechanized infantrymen can act as fixing forces in an attack and serve as pivot points for maneuvering tank-heavy forces in the defense.

Company Description

This position is for the Army or Army Reserve. All applicants will be required to attend basic training and advanced individual training (AIT) at a training base away from home. Upon completition of training (4-6 months on average), Army Reserve Soldiers will return home and serve part time at an Army Reserve location of their choice, typically within 50 miles of home. Active duty Soldiers will be assigned on their preference and the needs of the Army to an Active Duty Base world-wide and serve full time. Pay and benefits will be explained during the interview. Incentives such as cash bonus, student loan repayment, and extra education benefits are available if qualified.

Position Requirements
Less than 1 Year work experience
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