Terms and Conditions for Job Seekers

1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions:

1.1. This Agreement governs the relationship between Learn4Good Ltd (to be referred to here as "Learn4Good.com and "Learn4Good") and Job Seekers (to be referred to here as "You", "The User" and "Users" of this website) in relation to usage of the website, the posting of personal details, resumes and connected matters. Please read the terms carefully. By using this website, Users accept the provisions of this Agreement. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms & Conditions for Job Seekers (which are incorporated into and are a part of this website's Terms of Use & Policy), please exit the website.

1.2. Users must use common sense when using this website and follow all CV / Resume posting guidelines carefully. Users must use this website and the facilities made available on it only for their intended purposes, and must at all times act in good faith when doing so. Learn4Good.com is the sole interpreter of the website's intended and acceptable purpose.

1.3. The User agrees to the Privacy Policy of this website.

1.4. The User agrees

(a) to the sending, displaying or storing of the User's contact details entered on this site as part of any job application to a business or recruiter posting jobs.

(b) to the reviewing of the User's contact details and/or other personal data within a job application by the recipient business or their agents, or the administrators of this site as part of ongoing system checking, security or for reporting purposes.

(c) that if the User's chooses to save a CV / Resume Summary and make it publicly available on the CV Database, any personal data within the CV / Resume Summary and the User's contact details may be viewed by businesses or recruiters actively seeking candidates on this site or on the web, as well as other users including the administrators of this site.

(d) that any personal data sent by the User as part of a job application or entered by the User on a publicly visible CV / Resume Summary on this site is the sole responsibility of the User.

(e) that Learn4Good.com has made satisfactory measures and provided satisfactory means for the User to protect his/her personal data on this site.

1.5. The Service offered on the Website consists of:

(a) providing you with CV / Resume Summary boxes in which to copy/paste your Resume for formatted presentation to prospective employers / recruiters, and/or providing you with a CV / Resume or Qualification document attachment option as part of your application. Learn4Good.com requests the User to carefully follow all CV / Resume posting guidelines, and to exclude very personal information and contact details from the Resume Summary boxes.

(b) providing you with the ability to apply for jobs posted on Learn4Good.com and to supply copies of your personal/contact details, objective, employment and education history ( "CV or Resume" ) (i.e. summaries of your training, skills, employment and education compiled for the purposes of obtaining employment, in the format specified by Learn4Good.com) to the prospective employers / recruiters you directly apply to online.

(c) providing you with the option of supplying online copies of your personal/contact details, objective, employment and education history ( "CV or Resume", in the format specified by Learn4Good.com) to prospective employers / recruiters as and when requested by those registered employers / recruiters, who are searching for potential candidates with your specific skills/experience, on this website.

(d) providing you with the option of supplying an online copy of your objective, employment and education history only ( "CV or Resume", in the page format specified by Learn4Good.com) for display online to employers, recruiters and other internet users who are searching or browsing for potential candidates with your specific skills/experience, on this website and on search engines. This service is provided on the understanding that you will read and carefully follow the CV / Resume posting guidelines of this website. Once you carefully follow the CV / Resume posting guidelines in your account area, your personal/contact details will not be publicly available online via this option.

(e) providing you with a Privacy Tickbox Option to declare whether or not you wish to make any of the contents of your objective and CV / Resume Summary publicly available online to employers, recruiters and other internet users searching for potential candidates with your specific skills/experience, on this website and on search engines. This service helps to further protect User privacy.

(f) providing access to a range of services provided by third parties which may be of general use in your current employment search. The User accepts that the links to third-party websites are provided for User convenience only. Learn4Good does not endorse nor support the content of third-party links, and is not responsible for the content of a third-party website. By clicking on a third-party link, you will leave the Learn4Good.com website. Privacy and security policies may differ from those practiced by Learn4Good.com. Learn4Good does not represent either the third party or the User if the two enter into an agreement or transaction. Learn4Good takes no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of using the linked third-party websites, or as a result of using the information published on any of the pages of the third-party websites.

1.6. The User accepts and agrees with the following advice from Learn4Good.com when dealing with prospective employers:

(a) Users should use common sense when dealing with prospective employers.

(b) Legitimate employers should not ask you to pay money for employment, (unless in the case where it is a legitimate internship program). Do not reply to any employer or company that asks you to pay for a job opportunity. Immediately report such a request to jobs@Learn4Good.com.

(c) Do not provide prospective employers with any personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information (i.e. your passport number or photo, credit card number, bank account number, social insurance number, home address, eye color, height, marital status etc.) over the telephone or online, especially without first being completely certain with whom you are corresponding. Immediately report such a request to jobs@Learn4Good.com.

(d) Only when it is clearly established with certainty by you that you are corresponding with a legitimate employer, and you are completely satisfied with that employer and their recruiting process, should you proceed with providing that employer with requested information if interested in that job opening that may require it.

(e) If a prospective employer ever claims to be from Learn4Good.com, it will almost certainly be a scam. Immediately report such an email, letter, text message or phone call to jobs@Learn4Good.com.

(f) Be cautious when dealing with employers, agents and employment contracts outside of your own country. Seek the advice of your local government embassy in the region, and review the labor law in that country, before moving to another country to start a job.

(g) If you think that you have been a victim of fraud perpetrated by a prospective employer, immediately report the committed fraud to your local police and contact jobs@Learn4Good.com, to help prevent such fraud in future.

2. Job Seeker's Obligations:

2.1 If you enter a Resume Summary in your account area, you shall provide your CV / Resume information in the clearly specified format only and shall update it as and when any of the information contained in the CV / Resume becomes out-of-date or inaccurate.

2.2 You warrant that all information that you provide to Learn4Good.com in relation to your CV / Resume, Contact Profile or otherwise:

(a) is true and accurate;

(b) is not offensive, discriminatory, obscene, defamatory or in any other way illegal; and

(c) does not infringe any rights of any third party (including without limitation the copyright of any such third party).

2.3 You agree to indemnify, and hold harmless Learn4Good.com and all Learn4Good.com personnel from and against all losses and costs which may be suffered or incurred;
(a) by it arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with any information supplied by you to Learn4Good.com, and
(b) by it arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with your understanding or misunderstanding of the function and importance of the Privacy Tickbox option on the Resume Summary posting page in your account area, or of any other feature, tool, information, advice, text, link or image available to you on this jobsite.

2.4 Responsibility of the registered User to keep his/her Login Username & Password private:

The User creates a password to log into his/her account. The User is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her password and account username. As emails sent by Learn4Good.com to the User's email address, may contain the User's username and password as a reminder (so that the User is able to log into his/her jobsite account area), the User agrees not to share his/her email account with third parties. The User agrees not to disclose his/her password to any third parties or use the password for any unauthorized purpose. The User is entirely responsible for any and all activities which occur within his/her account. A User may change his/her password at any time by logging into his/her account area and then selecting the My Profile page on the left side menu. The User must then enter his/her new password (twice) into the Login Information fields provided for that purpose, and then click on the Save button to save the new login details.

2.5 Email: The User consents to being sent emails from Learn4Good.com to the User's profile email address regarding his/her registration account on the Learn4Good jobsite. For example, emails for registration verification purposes and periodic jobsite system notices. The User agrees to set his/her email account to accept all emails from Learn4Good.com (to put Learn4Good.com on his/her email account guest list or whitelist) and not to spam block Learn4Good.com, as those emails will contain important information and notices regarding the User's account on Learn4Good.com.

2.6 Account Removal: The User agrees to delete his/her jobsite account immediately once the account is no longer required by the User, by clicking on the "Delete my Account" link in the User's account area and confirming the request.

To further help to protect User privacy online, the User understands and agrees that Learn4Good automatically deletes inactive accounts for security and data space saving purposes after 4 months from the date the User last logged in if the account does not contain a saved CV / Resume Summary, and after 9 months from the date the User last logged in if the account contains a saved CV / Resume Summary. A deleted account cannot be reinstated.

3. Copyright & Intellectual Property:

3.1 Content on this website, including all text, images, brands and trademarks is, unless otherwise specified, protected by national and international intellectual property laws, and is owned by Learn4Good.com or its advertisers. Use of the website does not give a User any ownership in or to any of that content. If you believe that your copyrighted work has been uploaded, posted or copied to this website and is viewable on this website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify us immediately.

3.2 Each User gives Learn4Good.com the right to present his/her Resume Summary (if one is entered by the User) in a manner that complies with these terms and conditions, and in an order that Learn4Good deems helpful to a recipient.

3.3 Each User is given a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to view and download all publicly viewable information on this website, and also all other information to which the User is expressly and specifically given access.

3.4 All databases incorporated into or connected with this website are owned by Learn4Good.com. The inclusion of information relating to a User in any such database does not give that User any ownership in that database.

4. Limitation of Liability:

The service is free of charge to Job Seekers and therefore:

4.1 Learn4Good does not limit its liability for personal injury or death caused by negligence;

4.2 Learn4Good shall not be liable for:

(a) any terminology, statements, representations or content provided by the User or by any other job seeker, recruiter, employer or 3rd party user of this website.

(b) inaccuracy of any job details, the unavailability of the job in question or the terminology, correspondence, activities or conduct of any potential employer or party who places an advertisement on this website, or who uses this website for any other purpose;

(b) any losses you may make, or costs or penalties you may incur which result from your use (or inability to use) this website or your interpretation of any of the terminology or content therein (including any damage to your hardware or software due to any viruses or cookies);

(c) any lost data and, accordingly, you should keep a separate record of any details you enter into this website;

(d) interruptions or restrictions in access to this website or any delay, costs, damage or any other loss caused.

4.3 Learn4Good accepts no responsibility as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability or fitness for purpose of any material on, or the reliability of access to this website (or any website that is, or may become, linked to this website) or for keeping material up-to-date or any liability resulting from its failure to do so.

4.4 Learn4Good reserves the right, at our discretion, to amend or delete any information you have entered into this website, or that any other party has entered on this website.

4.5 Learn4Good will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the reliability of any third-party sources but Learn4Good.com accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information (in particular the information set out in advertisements or vacancies) which prospective employers and recruiters provide.

4.6 Users acknowledge that Learn4Good.com does not represent, and is not affiliated with any employer / recruiter / advertiser on this website. Users acknowledge that Learn4Good.com is simply a passive conduit for the distribution of information between Users of this website and employers / recruiters / advertisers (in both directions), and that Learn4Good.com does not screen all information submitted to, or communicated by means of, this website. Learn4Good.com is merely a market place in which various proposals and offers may be learned of and applied for. Learn4Good.com assumes no responsibility for ensuring that any such information is legal, decent, non-discriminatory, honest, truthful, up to date, accurate, complete or not misleading or that it possesses any other such characteristics. Learn4Good.com makes no warranty or representation that it has verified any of the material on this website or has screened any employer / recruiter / advertiser.

4.7 All advice and information supplied by Learn4Good.com under the Service will be supplied in good faith but Learn4Good.com gives no guarantee as to any advice or information it supplies nor that following submission of your CV / Resume Summary to any prospective employer, that you will be interviewed or employed or you will receive a response, or that you will be suitable to meet the requirements of that employer.

4.8 Learn4Good.com will not be liable for any failure by you to comply with any account guidelines and usage recommendations of Learn4Good.com and any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or other defects in any CVs / Resume Summarys provided by you.

4.9 You agree to indemnify, and hold harmless Learn4Good.com and all Learn4Good.com personnel from and against all losses and costs which may be suffered or incurred by it arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with any information supplied by you to Learn4Good.com, including (but without limitation) infringement of any 3rd party rights (such as intellectual property rights) due to or arising from your acts, omissions or defaults or the submission by you of any inaccurate misleading unlawful or defamatory statement in a CV / Resume Summary.

4.10 Learn4Good.com may offer you the opportunity to view or purchase goods or services from third parties through this website. If you wish to take up such an opportunity, you need to click on the appropriate link or banner to the third-party website, and if you do, you will be subject to their terms and conditions, and privacy and security policies. Learn4Good.com does not accept liability in relation to such third-party websites nor for goods or services provided by or in connection with such third party websites. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Learn4Good and all Learn4Good.com personnel against all actions, claims, demands, costs, charges and expenses in connection with your use of such third-party websites, or as a result of using the information published on any of the pages of the third-party websites.

5 Cancellation:

5.1 Learn4Good.com reserves the right at any time to remove a CV / Resume or Job Seeker account from the Learn4Good.com website in the event that Learn4Good.com considers that the CV / Resume or Job Seeker account breaches any applicable laws or the rights of any third party, is not in compliance with these terms and conditions for Job Seekers or is prejudicial to the interests of Learn4Good.com.

6 General:

6.1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Ireland. The courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine all disputes, questions and differences arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, and all parties irrevocably submit to that jurisdiction for that purpose.

6.2. Learn4Good.com makes no claims that the website content is appropriate or may be downloaded in all countries. Access to the website content may not be legal by certain persons or in certain countries, and such persons have no right to access or use the Learn4Good website. If you access Learn4Good.com, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the applicable laws of your jurisdiction.

6.3. Learn4Good.com is the sole interpreter of these Terms and Conditions. Learn4Good.com may revise and amend this Agreement at any time by updating this page. Changes will be binding on the User on the date they are posted on the Learn4Good.com website. Any use of the website will be considered acceptance by the User of the then current Terms and Conditions.