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Program Director, Interior Design ​/ Interior Architecture

Job in Thailand
Full Time position
Listed on 2019-04-23
Job specializations:
  • Management
  • Education
    Education Consultant, Academic, Academic Counselor, Education Administration
Job Description & How to Apply Below
Based in Asia Pacific

Job purpose:
To provide leadership in teaching, curriculum development and research in Interior Design/Architecture. This may include unit coordination, development of programs of study, a role in planning or committee work, preparation and delivery of lectures and seminars and supervision of staff.
Key responsibilities and accountabilities:
1. Your primary duty as Program Director will be your active leadership as the Chief Operating and Marketing Officer of the program under your charge, thus ensuring the growth and efficient running of that department.

2. Work closely with the school’s Academic Director / College Director and Admission Manager in ensuring that the enrolment targets set for each academic year is achieved or exceeded.

3. Assist the management and HR department in evaluating and supervising teachers and of establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with them.

4. Provide leadership and management to the staff for the program under your charge. Evaluate all staff's performance in the program by doing the performance appraisal at designated time.

5. Developing with teachers’ proper Department course outline and contents, for providing a high quality education to all students, in order for them to attain high achievements within their own fields of study, and prepare them well for the job market and industry.

6. To create and maintain the course materials for both lecturers and students in hard copy and digital forms. Maintain good status of all these digital information in the server of the company all the time.

7. Assist in maintaining general school discipline and the overall operational stability, integrity, and professional image of the School.

8. Plan and organize examination by coordinating with SAS (Student Academic Services) department on all the resources necessary for good standard examinations to be carried out. To up keep the professional standard for examination in our College(s).

9. Monitor and enforce teachers’ attendance and punctuality.

10. Counsel individual students regarding attendance, punctuality, academic progress, professional development, and behavior as required and in cooperation
with the Administration & Student Services Manager, Academic Director, and College Director.

11. Counsel individual students on student requests and complaints related to Academic Quality and Resources. To coordinate with lecturers on Academic Quality issues. To coordinate with SAS department on Academic Resources issues.

12. Liaise with parents or employers if necessary and appropriate regarding student’s academic performance and behavior, and provide both informal and formal school reports as required.

13. Teaching between 20 to 24 hours per week at our College(s), and accomplish all duties relating to this task, including the preparation of courses, setting of exams, grading, and the evaluation of educative performance.

14. Maintain confidentiality in matters relating to individual students. Student matters are considered to be confidential and are to be discussed on a professional basis with senior staff only (Program Director, Academic Director, College Director, Administration & Student Services Manager). Student matters of a confidential, personal, or sensitive nature are not to be a general topic of discussion between staff.

15. Plan and organize as well as assist in school promotional activities (Open House, Trade Shows, Education Fairs, Graduation Shows, etc.) both in and out of normal school hours.

16. Be available to students outside normal class hours for questions and individual consultation for a reasonable period of time each week.

17. Coordinate relevant projects with the industry for Department. Liaise with companies and compile project brief for teachers and students.

18. Manage the internship program and represent our College in the liaison and coordination between the interns and companies.

19. Assist the other members of the College management team to plan and co-ordinate the recruitment of students for the program.

20. Assist the other members of the College management team in the task of maintaining high employee morale, a good team spirit and a good relationship between the Directors, as well as between teachers, staff, personnel and student body.

21. Assist the other members of the management team in his functions of representing our College as an important asset for the group.

22. When in contact with the press, the Program Director must maintain the established reputation of the school and only speak of matters that have been discussed and confirmed by the management.

23. Coordinate and manage internal training programs for all staffs (lecturers & translators) in the department. This is to ensure all lecturers has the right knowledge and ability in carrying out their daily duties in the classroom. Training proposal for a new academic term must be proposed and renew end of every current term.

24. Ensure proper management and control of the program’s hardware and software so that equipment and facilities are always functioning in good condition.

25. Devote and give to his duties all attention, and within the confines of these invariably act in the best interest of our College, to perform his duties with integrity, dedication and loyalty.

26. Provide his services exclusively to our College and give neither his time nor his work, directly or indirectly, to any other person, and neither attempt to do so without the consent from the College Director.

27. Treat the confidential information as secret and confidential, and not to use the same for his own benefit or that of any other person and not to disclose such information or otherwise make it available to anybody other than our College unless the management specially authorizes him to do so.

28. Abide by the School’s Policy and Procedures.

1. Master Degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture from a recognized academic institution.
2. At least 10 years' industry experience with a credible portfolio.
3. At least 5 years lecturing experience in Art History, CAD, Design Principles, Furniture Design, Rendering or any other relevant study areas.
4. Can adapt to a multi-cultural setting with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to handle students of different nationalities.
5. Able to lead a team of Full-time and Part-time lecturers.
6. English Native Speaker
Position Requirements
Less than 1 Year work experience
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