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Jobtitel:Education Consultant and Trainer - REMOTE
Standort: USA Vereinigte Staaten
  • Lehrer/Lehrerin (Aus- und Fortbildung, Lehrerbildung, Ausbildungsberater, Training Spezialist)
  • Erzieher (Bildungsberater)
Art der Beschäftigung:Kontrakt
Jahres-Gehalt:750 USD pro Tag
  • Englisch - Very good
Erwünschter Bildungsgrad: Studium
Erwünschte Berufserfahrung : 3 bis 4 Jahre
Zusätzliche Informationen / Vergünstigungen
You can work from ANYWHERE!
You can hold staff development presentations online, or in any state!  Some of our trainers also train abroad.
You will decide where you want to work.
You can work full-time, part-time (even once in a while).
You will determine how often you want to work.
80% of our trainers still work full-time in the classroom or in a campus/central office.
We recognize it is difficult to keep high quality teachers in the classroom working closely with students - it is NOT our intention to lure you (or any educator) from the classroom.

About our Corporate Structure Set up for success

Our company is organized for success.  We are intentionally laterally constructed, which means that instead of high paid executives at the top, much of the earned training revenue is shared with our Associates.  And, we can prove that.  First and foremost, we are successful because we treat our trainers like gold.  Our pay is the best in the industry; in many cases our trainers earn much more than corporate trainers. Once you have completed watching entire webinar  and have sent us your resume you will be asked to join us for a phone chat/interview. After successfully completing the interview you will be given a link to watch a very detailed webinar on our compensation package.

We have satellite offices in 10 states:  CA, CO, ID, MI, OH, SC, TX, WA, WV, WI. These offices are operated by our Executives and National Directors.  Our correspondence and financial receiving points are in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  We print, store, package, and ship all of our products from Michigan and Ohio.
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Education Consultant and Trainer - REMOTE job
Questions to answer on applying for this job
  • Are you willing to submit to a mandatory background check?
  • Are you able to attend one of our live streamed train the trainer events to become certified in our content?
Kontaktname:Instruction Connection
Bevorzugte Art der Kontaktaufnahme:Email with CV via Application Box unten
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