The Lost City of Gold Adventure Game. It will bring you hours of fun! The game is created for Children, Teens & Big Kids.
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Rating: 6.6/10 - 219 votes

The Lost City Of Gold is an addicting puzzle-solving adventure game. Discover the secrets of The Lost City of Gold by revealing special paths that lead you to the treasure and unlocking special pieces. It is a fun educational game which helps develop your observation skills. Happy problem solving!

How to Play: Put three pieces of the same color objects in a row (vertical or horizontal), so that they will disappear. To do this, you need to click on two pieces to swap their positions in order to get 3 identical pieces in a row. If you put 4 pieces in a row, you gain extra bonus points. You get super bonus points if you get 5 in a row. There are also combo points when you get 2 different rows of 3. There are bombs that can be put in a row of three like the ordinary pieces, but they blow up a bigger area to help you finish the game quicker. To complete the level you need to clear all the pieces by matching them up before time runs out. The timer is located at the top of the game screen. There are more than 45 exciting levels to uncover and 9 special jewels to find.

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