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Fun Spacebar Pressing Game - Pony Club Races

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Not every race has to be fiercely competitive, with dozens of horses jostling for position – sometimes it’s just as fun to ride a pony over a set of hurdles in as fast a time as you can. Well, that’s exactly what happens in Pony Club Races, a fun and friendly horse racing and jumping game for young children where you have to guide a cute pony over a set of unusual hurdles such as carrots, sheep, barrels, and more. Complete each increasingly difficult course within the time-frame to win a cool gold trophy. You can choose between a boy or girl Lego-type character to have as your pony rider. You’ll need quick reactions to succeed here, as the jumps come in quick succession, one after the other in some places. Timing is also very important, as you must carefully time each jump to perfection – otherwise your pony slows up. This easy-going equestrian hobby game is good fun for all the family, and anyone with an affinity for virtual ponies and horse-jumping in general. Are you ready to leap your way to glory?

How to Play: Before the racing begins, you must choose your rider. You play the role of boy or a girl Lego-type character – the girl rides a brown pony, the boy rides a black one. The controls are extremely simple. In fact, it’s only one button. Your pony gallops automatically – hit Spacebar on your computer keyboard to make it jump. Make sure to time the jump just right, or else your pony stalls at the hurdle. The hurdles that you have to jump over include carrots, barrels, sheep, bales of hay, and other farmyard objects and items. Keep an eye on the timer in the top right corner of the game screen. You have to reach the finish line before that timer turns all the way red to complete the race. If you make it, you win an impressive gold trophy. There are 10 increasingly difficult courses to overcome. See if you can complete them all. Have fun!

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