Granny in Paradise game is a very fun maze game for kids. Help Granny collect her lost kittens while on a vacation. Smell the beautiful flowers and get extra points! Have fun!
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Online Role Playing Maze Game - Granny in Paradise

Rating: 8.6/10 - 618 votes

Granny in Paradise: Granny and her kitties are on vacation in this fun and interactive role-playing game. While napping, Granny didn't notice that her kittens went wandering and got lost! Help Granny find her beloved precious pets. Granny also adores flowers which can be collected along the way for extra points. Dig holes to protect Granny from various enemies along the way, or dig Granny a path to go through so she can continue on her mission. There are some levels where you can collect bonus hearts, however, you have to be quick, because the time is ticking! When all the cats have been rescued, the exit flower appears. Walk Granny through it.

How to Play: Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys on your computer keyboard to control Granny and Spacebar to dig a hole. Guide Granny to her kittens and bring them to a safe place marked 'MEOW' on the game screen until all the missing kittens are found. There are more than 170 levels and 5 different vacation spots where you have to rescue the cats. Collect bonus items (flowers and hearts) along the way to gain extra points and achieve a high score.

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