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Piensa en Espańol! -Think Spanish! Monthly Magazine and Audio CD

Think Spanish!™ is a monthly magazine. This magazine will help you consistently practice your Spanish comprehension and grow your vocabulary. It is a great supplement to Complete Visual Link™ Spanish Course. Think Spanish!™ magazine consists of two parts: the printed magazine and an optional audio CD.

The Magazine: Culture and travel in Spanish speaking countries, art and entertainment, current news and events, history, science and more.

The Audio CD: Think Spanish!™ Audio CDs are original, authentic and effective! They provide you with the opportunity to enjoy different accents and cultural phrases, increase your listening comprehension, confidence in speaking and pronunciation and help you begin to understand and speak Spanish naturally.

Spanish Pronunciation Computer CD-ROM. The Visual Link Spanish™ program is designed to help you pronounce as much like a native speaker as possible. Each sound is covered individually and emphasized enough to form a habit of saying it correctly. The Pronunciation CD-ROM contains 28 interactive lessons that explore the subtle nuances that native speakers use and helps you learn the rules that govern them.

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