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Second Conditional Sentences in English Exercise

Example: If you called me, I would come.

Form: The if-clause is put in the simple past, the main clause has got a 'would' + infinitive.

Use: We use this type of sentence pattern when we express suppositions. These suppositions can be :

1. statements of unreal situations

 "If I were 18 again, I would go on a round-the-world-tour." (I'm not 18, in fact I'm 45)

2. about things that we don't expect to happen

 "If I won some money, I would go on a round-the-world-tour next year." (But I don't really expect to win money.)

Try the 2nd Conditional Exercise below!

1. If farmers in developing countries were given a decent price for their produce, ...
they would be able to build a better future for their family, community and country.
they will be able to build a better future for their family, community and country.

2. If Ireland won the European Soccer Championship in the year 2016, ...
the world will be amazed.
the world would be amazed.

3. Consumers would be much better off if ...
accurate product information would be printed on the packaging.
accurate product information were printed on the packaging.

4. The children would be in a much better shape if they ...
would take my bike to go to school.
took my bike to go to school.

5. If I had a lot of money, I ...
bought myself a new car.
would buy myself a new car.

6. Mandy would be very upset if ...
she knows about Tim's past.
she knew about Tim's past.