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Conditional Sentences in English - 3rd Conditional Exercise

Example: "If you had called me, I would have come."


Notice that in this sentence a past perfect tense is used in the if-clause; a past conditional ('would have' + past participle of the verb) is used in the main clause.

We use this conditional to talk about things in the past happening differently from the way they really happened. This sometimes means :

1. criticizing people, 2. pointing out their mistakes or 3. expressing regret about the past.

Try the 3rd Conditional Exercise below!

1. If only I had known about your difficult situation, I
will help you.
would have helped you.

2. We wouldn't have gone bankrupt if ...
we had conducted better market research.
we conduced better market research.

3. If you hadn't given your approval, ...
this would never have happened.
this would never happen.

4. Jackie would never have left John if ...
he were more reasonable and understanding.
he had been more reasonable and understanding.

5. Spain would never have won the World Cup if ...
the final stage were played in Brazil.
the final stage had been played in Brazil.

6. If we had had a better marketing strategy, we ...
would easily have conquered the U.S. market.
will easily conquer the U.S. market.