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Preposition with Adjective Examples - use, rules & test exercise

1. List of common adjectives and the prepositions that normally follow them
accustomed to afraid of answerable to attached to
aware of capable of dependent on different to
doubtful about enthusiastic about excited about famous for
fond of guilty of interested in keen on
opposed to pleased with popular with proud of
related to rich in satisfied with serious about
similar to suitable for suspicious of used to (= accustomed to)

2. Some adjectives can be followed by either of two or more prepositions

annoyed about something The Ministry was annoyed about criticism in the paper

annoyed with someone They were. annoyed with us for charging them

good/bad at something I'm very bad at mathematics.

good/bad for something The expected cut in interest will be good for industry.

good/bad with something She should be in Marketing. She's very good with customers.

responsible to someone The Export Manager is responsible to the Sales Director.

responsible for something He is responsible for preparing handouts.

sorry about something I am sorry about the job. It's a shame you didn't get it.

sorry for doing something He said he was sorry for keeping me waiting.

(feel) sorry for someone I feel very sorry for Peter. He has been fired.

3. These combinations of adjectives with prepositions may be followed by noun or noun phrase.
The students were very excited about the results of the experiment.

4. When followed by a verb, the -ing form must be used.
Please let me know whether you would be interested in arranging a meeting.


1. If you are serious going ahead with this, let's have a meeting.

2. The Mini-TV is very popular our younger customers.

3. The new Pilot notebook is similar the previous model, but it has some interesting new features.

4. The Finance Director said he was strongly opposed awarding everyone a tax refund.

5. South Africa is rich natural resources like diamonds and gold.

6. I have to travel by car or boat because I am afraid flying.

7. He has very little experience. I don't think he would be capable running such a large project.

8. I would be very interested discussing the idea of a joint venture.

9. Samsung are famous their electronic goods.

10. I am very proud my younger sister.

11. We are pleased the results.

12. I'm not sure if he is aware all the facts.

13. I am answerable my supervisor at work.

14. There was a photograph attached the e-mail.

15. We are enthusiastic learning English.