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Article Quiz for Upper Intermediate English Level


Complete the sentences with a suitable article.
1. Are you shopping for health club to join so you can get in shape?
2. Shop wisely! You could end up choosing wrong club and losing more money than pounds.
3. You may find out too late that health clubs aren't for you.
4. San Diego fitness experts recommend thoroughly checking out several health clubs before you join one.
5. First, know what you want and need in fitness facility, and don't pay for what you'll never use.
6. If you only want exercise classes, exercise studio without weight machines and locker rooms may work for you.
7. If you're looking for   place to only do bodybuilding, you'll be happy in a basic gym.
8. You may be in market for a full-service health club; then, make sure it offers lots of activities.
9. Look for a place near your house, and check out exercise instructors and personal trainers.
10. They should be educated in physical education or certified by organization such as the American Council on exercise.
11. Certified instructors have at least some knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology, injury prevention and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
12. You should evaluate equipment and make sure fitness machines are modern and in working order.
13. Try to talk to other members of the club. Find out what they believe are advantages and disadvantages there.
14. Look in locker room, workout room, and shower--everywhere should be clean.
15. locker room sanitation is usually a good indication of how clean other areas are.

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