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Grammaire anglaise - Used to do exercises

English Grammar

"To be used to doing something" or "Used to do something"


Be used to + ing-form means that something is familiar and is no longer strange. "I'm used to travelling " means that travelling is no longer strange or difficult because I have done it for so long.

Used + to-infinitive means that something happened regularly in the past. "I used to travel" means that in the past I regularly travelled, but no longer do so now.

Try the Exercise below!

Click on the right answer

1. When I was a child I ... go swimming in the lake.
used to
am used to
2. I ... in front of an audience. I am a teacher.
used to speak
am used to speaking
3. As a father I ... the mess my children make every evening.
used to clean up
am used to cleaning up
4. In the army I ... at six every morning.
used to get up
am used to getting up
5. My grandmother ... 5 miles to go to church on Sundays.
used to walk
is used to walking
6. Anderlecht ... the best Belgian players. Nowadays they can't afford that any longer.
used to attract
is used to attracting
7. I ... the paper after lunch. That's one of the things I really enjoy.
used to read
am used to reading
8. In Spain you will soon ... a siesta in the afternoon.
used to take
be used to taking
9. On holiday in Finland my wife ... a sauna every day!
used to take
is used to taking
10. After all this time I have become quite ... this program.
used to operate
used to operating