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English Phrasal Verbs - Verbes Anglais à Particules

Phrasal verbs starting with: A--B--C--D 


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Call back, Call in, Call smb in, Call smth off, Call smth out, Call smb up

Calm down, Calm smb down

Carry away, Carry on, Carry smth out

Catch on

Chase smb or smth away/off

Chat smb up

Chew smth over

Chill out

Clam up

Clear off, Clear up

Climb down

Come across smb, Come across smth, Come (a)round, Come to, Come through, Come through smth, Come up, Come up with

Cool down

Cop out

Cough smth up

Count on smb

Crack down on smth

Cut back smth, Cut smth down, Cut down on smth, Cut smth off

Call back (object)

MEANING: return a phone call or call again later


I'll call you back as soon as I hear anything.

Call in (no object)

MEANING: to pay somebody a short visit


Call in next time you're in town

Call smb in (object)

MEANING: you ask somebody, like a doctor or a technician, to come and help you with a problem


We can't afford to call in a technician every time the washing-machine breaks down.

Call smth off (object)

MEANING: cancel an event


The concert was called off because of rain

Call smth out (object)

MEANING: announce or say something in a loud voice


I'll call you back as soon as I hear anything.

Call smb up (no object)

MEANING: to telephone somebody


He called me up this morning.

Calm down (object)

MEANING: to become more relaxed


He was very upset about it, but he calmed down eventually.

Calm smb down (object)

MEANING: To try to make somebody feel less excited or nervous


She was rude towards him but it was clear he was trying to calm her down.

Carry away (no object)

MEANING: When you get carried away, you behave in a silly way because you are too excited, angry, etc.


She got carried away in the shop and spent all her money on new dresses.

Carry on (no object)

MEANING: you continue doing smth


1. Carry on working!

2. He carried on as if nothing had happened.

Carry smth out (object)

MEANING: you do a task, for ex. a survey, investigation, research, plan, threat


The government is going to carry out a survey on the nation's health.

Catch on (no object)

MEANING: An idea, fashion, concept etc. becomes popular


The idea eventually caught on and became all the rage by the 1980s.

Chase smb or smth away/off (object)

MEANING: force a person or animal to leave a place with threats or by attacking them


A passer-by stopped his car to help and, along with several neighbors, managed to chase the dog away. No one was bitten.

Chat smb up (object)

MEANING: Talk to someone in a friendly way because you are sexually attracted to them


Normally I find it very hard to chat up a girl but that evening I was drunk and had no inhibitions.

Chew smth over (object)

MEANING: think about something or discuss it very carefully


I can't imagine John being the kind of person to openly argue, but rather chew it over in silence and, eventually, decide for himself.

Chill out (no object)

MEANING: to relax completely, to calm down


1. We chilled out last night and watched a movie at home for a change.

2. Chill out, woman! Don't get so excited over nothing.

Clam up (no object)

MEANING: refuse to speak


I've tried talking to her about it, but she just clams up and changes the subject.

Clear off , clear smth off (object)

MEANING: disappears or is removed


During the night the fog cleared off.

Clear up (no object), clear up smth (object)

MEANING: 1. tidy & clean or remove dirt and clean 2. find an answer or an explanation for smth or settle it 3. When bad weather clears up, it improves


1. I cleared up the mess from the kids in the back garden.
2. I think this misunderstanding will be cleared up soon.
3. The weather is horrible at the moment. I hope it clears up later.

Climb down (no object)

MEANING: admit you are wrong


The company directors were eventually forced to climb down in the face of a fierce and sustained public backlash.

Come across smb (object)

MEANING: meet someone by chance


Not long ago, I came across an old friend from my schools days.

Come across smth (object)

MEANING: find something by chance


This stretch of coastline is famous for the fossils that you just come across lying on the beach.

Come (a)round (no object)

MEANING: 1. recover consciousness 2. pay somebody a visit


1. John finally came around after 2 days. We had all been very worried about him.
2. Bill and Ann are coming round tonight. We're going play cards.

Come to (no object)

MEANING: recover consciousness. Opposites: pass out, black out


When he came to, he was being loaded into an ambulance.

Come through (no object)

MEANING: receive a call, message, document, authorization, money, results


As the final results came through by fax, it couldn't have been any worse.

Come through smth (object)

MEANING: to survive or recover from something eg. a car crash, accident, operation, illness etc.


My cousin was in a serious car accident last week. Fortunately, he came through it with only minor injuries.

Come up (no object)

MEANING: When something comes up, it's mentioned, or appears eg. an issue, point, matter, question, subject


You'd better make sure you know these verbs because they always come up in the exam.

Come up with smth (object)

MEANING: When you come up with smth, it occurs to you or you manage to find it: eg. a plan, proposal, idea, scheme, solution, suggestion, compromise, money


1. Scientists are trying to come up with a proven cure for cancer.
2. We are trying to come up with enough money to buy a new car.

Cool down (no object)

MEANING: 1. to become less hot 2. to become less excited


1. Let food cool down before putting it in the fridge or freezer.
2. I thought we could finally calmly discuss our argument, now that she had cooled down a bit.

Cop out, cop out of smth (object)

MEANING: to avoid responsibility because you are afraid or you don't want to keep your promise


I hoped Mike would focus on the important issue, but he copped out.

Cough smth up (object)

MEANING: to give somebody something because you have to


The health minister said the government must cough up more money if it wants to maintain a high-quality health system.

Count on smb (object)

MEANING: to rely on somebody to help or support you


You can always count on her to know the latest information.

Crack down on smth (object)

MEANING: When the government or the police crack down on smth, they are much stricter than before.


Riot police cracked down on protesters last night and arrested over 100 people.

Cut back smth, cut back on smth (object)

MEANING: When you cut back something or cut back on smth, you reduce it to save money eg. to reduce spending, public expenditure, production, to budget


The government said they must cut back on education expenses.

Cut smth down (object)

MEANING: When you cut something down, you make it fall to the ground by cutting it, usually a tree or forest.


The tree was damaged in the storm so they had to cut it down.

Cut down on smth (object)

MEANING: to reduce the amount of something you take or eat, eg. cut down on smoking, cigarettes, sugar, fatty foods


People with diabetes are usually advised to cut down on sugar and sugary foods.

Cut smth off (object)

MEANING: to remove an object by cutting or you separate or stop it somehow


For years, the country was part of the Soviet Union and was cut off from Western Europe.