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Learn to Speak Spanish

With the Visual Link™ Spanish Complete Course

Comes With:

  • 2 Computer CD-ROMs with over 200 interactive Spanish lessons and activities:
    • 49 Interactive Learning Lessons
    • 26 Vocabulary Review Lessons
    • 37 Review Games
    • 45 Verbal Quizzes
    • 13 Written Practice Quizzes
    • 30 Pronunciation Lessons
  • 10 Audio CDs - learn Spanish in your car
  • Conversation Manual
  • Travel Case for the CDs

Visual Link™ Spanish Complete Course v3.7

Why should I use the Visual Link™ Spanish Course to learn Spanish?
The Visual Link™ Spanish Language Course is designed to teach you to speak in complete sentences and help you become fluent in conversational Spanish. This computer software course consists of interactive computer based Spanish lessons that use a combination of visual and audio features to interactively teach you Spanish sentence structure in a way that is fun and easy to remember.

"I have tried one or two other courses on CD but yours wins hands down."
"I have just started the Complete Visual Link™ Spanish Course. In less than three weeks I have responded to letters from a Spanish Hotel in Spanish! I have tried one or two other courses on CD but yours wins hands down. I feel this is because you have structured the tasks so even someone like me can succeed. Confidence is gained immediately because after lesson 1, I was able to put simple sentences together and speak them.

However, I believe the real power of the course is that it uses different teaching styles to cater for the many different ways we learn. Visualizing the words and sentences as well as hearing them is a great help and then playing the games helps to reinforce the learning together with saying it out aloud.

Mucho gracias. Hasta luego."

Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside

This combination of visual graphics and audio clips helps engrave the Spanish words and sentences into your long term memory, allowing you to easily recall them at a later time.

Rather than just teaching you a lot of vocabulary and grammar rules, like most other Spanish courses, the Visual Link™ Spanish Course teaches you how to build sentences, ask and answer questions, and truly communicate in Spanish.

In addition to learning Spanish sentence structure, the course also teaches you correct Spanish pronunciation. The course comes with a complete CD dedicated just to Spanish pronunciation. This part of the course teaches all the difficult sounds in Spanish for English speakers and helps you sound more like a native speaker.

"Thank you for providing a wonderful course."
"Hi Dave, I purchased the course because I have married into a Spanish speaking family. I have found the course very easy to learn from. My mother in law has commented on how much my Spanish has improved.

I have previously been attending evening classes to learn Spanish, but with only limited success. I feel much more confident in my Spanish now and feel that I am getting somewhere.

Thank you for providing a wonderful course.

Peter Gillespie

Learn conversational Spanish for free online
The best way for you to start seeing how the Visual Link™ Spanish Language Course works is to take one of the free online Spanish lessons on this website. Every Spanish lesson on this site is taken from the Visual Link™ Spanish Conversational Course. The lessons in the complete course follow the same format and structure seen in the free online lessons.

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