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3dsense Media School in Singapore is easily recognised as one of the outstanding and pioneer digital 3D animation training institutes in Asia. What had started as an interactive digital web portal in 2000, the school has come a long way to evolve from its humble beginnings into the established, independent institution that it is now.
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Programs / Courses:
Diploma in Digital Visual Effects and Animation (Full-Time, 1 year) ; Part-Time Courses: ; Specialist Certificate in: ; - Autodesk 3dsMax ; - Autodesk Maya ; - Adobe After Effects ; - Architectural & Visualization ; - Character Animation Techniques ; - Games & Feature Film Digital Sculpting ; Professional Certificate in: ; - Clay Sculpting ; - Web Development ; - Actionscript Development
oshRED ; from Philippines
(2018-09-06  08:28:03)
 (Highly Recommended)
The previous reviews are from 2011 & 2013, I'd like to share my experience from 2016-2017 at the school.
I attended 3dsense Media School for their 1 year Diploma Program in Concept Art and Illustration.

Currently their primary lecturers are Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Kendrick "Kunkka" Lim, Kai Lim, Derrick Song, and Ray Toh, all of whom are known for their illustration and concept art work in games, films, and comics. Some of their clients include DC, Marvel, Capcom, Ubisoft, and LucasArts.
In term 1, we were taught fundamentals such as anatomy, perspective, composition, colour and light. We were given also given classes in software such as Photoshop, Zbrush, and Maya.
In term 2, we were also taught character & creature design, environment and prop design, some of the work required us to learn 3D software for sculpting characters and modeling objects and environments, to be used in our illustrations.
Term 3 required more complex design work, more illustration classes, as well as some introductions to basic storyboarding, animation, and video editing. The final project is usually one of the students' own choosing.

The typical day would start with a lecture, then exercises to apply what we had learned, and then homework which were begun in-class. All of our studies were immediately implemented in illustrations. These illustrations could immediately be placed into portfolios which we could use to apply to companies at the end of the year. We were also taught the importance of building an audience online, as well as understanding how the industry works. At the end of the school year, studios & other companies were invited to the school to scout potential artists for work.

The school is located inside a shopping mall in the city center (Clarke Quay), very accessible, with lots of places to eat nearby. The administration provides foreign students with recommended dormitories to live in (most of them 2 or 3 train stops away from where the school is.)

The administrative staff was always available to answer questions and very accommodating so that even those of us who were foreign students felt welcome to the school and to the city. Application was very simple and easy with their assistance.
The school now has a 2-year waiting list because of so many applicants, so a new student wanting to get in should keep that in mind. All in all, I highly recommend this school; becoming a part of their community has strengthened both my skills as an artist and as a businessperson, and simply being associated with the school has brought me many clients.
animanic ; from Singapore
(2013-04-07  00:00:08)
I agree with Chariot. The current lecturers are mostly fresh graduate from the school. These lecturers do not have good judgment to correct the student's work due to inexperience. No proper structure of teaching. The school prefer to do cartoon characters because the lecturers are poor in realistic anatomy knowledge.
TheChariot ; from Singapore
(2011-04-01  20:10:09)
The current lecturers are all made up of most freshly graduated from the school with no industry experience. The course has got not structure or watsoever.
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