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Image of NSL Mondial, Miami FL NSL Mondial, Miami FL:
A leading provider of English immersion summer programs in the USA and Canada, NSL Mondial offers our English Summer Plus program in Miami, Florida for high school teenagers ages 13-17 from around the world. Available for 1-6 weeks, this ESL summer camp combines English language classes with optional electives (Marine Environment, American Sports, Art & Design, Fashion) and activities & excursions. Both residential and non-residential accommodation options are available.

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English Language Summer Camp in Miami FL:
- For locally-based & international students ages 13-17
- Courses for 1-6 weeks

Photo of Contact Page - English Summer School in Miami FLOur English Summer Plus program combines English classes (10 lessons per week) with optional electives (10 lessons per week in your chosen subject).  Choose from:  Marine and Natural Environment, Leadership, Art & Design, Fashion, American Sports.

Program Options:
• All-inclusive programs (includes classes, accommodation, meals, all activities & excursions)

• Full day programs (Includes classes, lunch & afternoon activities)

• Day programs (Includes classes only, lunch and 1 afternoon trip per week)

Winter English Program in Miami Beach FL:
• Winter Camp in December / January for junior kids & high school students ages 7-15  (Study for 1 to 8 weeks).

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Address: Lincoln Road, South Beach, Miami, Florida , USA
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-09-26 were from:

UAE;   Sri Lanka;   Montréal, Colombia;   Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil;   GURUGRAM, India;   Guayaquil, Ecuador;   FREMONT;   Rondônia, Brazil;   Quintana Roo, Mexico;   Szczecin, Poland;   and more.