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Paris Version à la Française:
Bonjour! My name is Pascale Heuzé, and I am the founder of Paris Version à la Française, a registered French language training center. I provide private French lessons and immersion programs for adults, tourists, professionals & business clients. With private tutoring and small group classes available year-round, I offer students (ages 18+) from around the world the opportunity to learn French in Paris with your own personal French language tutor. Classes can be held at my training location in Vincennes (on the east side), at your home, workplace or place of your choice throughout Paris. Online French lessons via Skype are also available.

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French Language Classes & Immersion Programs:

Private French Lessons in Paris:
For beginners to advanced students (A1 to C2 level) 

Photo of French Language Lessons in ParisWhether you are a professional who needs to improve your French language skills for work purposes, or you are learning French for fun, I can customize the content of your private French lessons to meet your specific needs and learning goals.

Taught one-to-one or in small groups (2/3 people) in a friendly atmosphere, my private French classes are designed to help you to improve your level quickly.

Using a communicative and action oriented teaching approach, my classes cover all the language skills you need, including:

- Reading and Writing
- Speaking and Listening
- Pronunciation
- Grammar 
- Building new Vocabulary 

Lessons are 1.5 hours long and offered in packages of 10 or 15 lessons. You generally have a private lesson once or twice a week.
It is also possible to learn via a blended training program: one to one lessons combined with online classes via Skype.

French Lessons for Beginners:
Image of French Language Lessons in ParisIdeal for those just arriving in Paris, my private French lessons for beginners teach you how to communicate without being considered a tourist!

I offer 3 classes of 2 hours for beginners. You will learn how to use and perfectly pronounce the main phrases you need to cope with any situation. For example, how to introduce yourself, how to order food in a restaurant, how to ask for more information, or how to give your opinion.

If you would like to start this beginners French program online via Skype before you arrive in Paris, please email me using the form below.

Refresher Course in French for Adults:
Designed for students of A2/B1 level (Elementary/Pre-intermediate) 

Refresh your French language skills and become more confident with the French language! Based on daily Parisian life, this course teaches you how to communicate on the metro, in a restaurant, in the shops, among many other scenarios.

This newly-designed program comprises 5 classes of 2 hours each, which can be taught one-to-one or semi private tuition.

In each lesson, you will refresh the main point of French phonetics and grammar. I will also provide tips on how to say things like a Parisian, avoiding the mistakes often made by foreigners when they meet French people!

Business French Classes:
For beginners to advanced students (A1 to C2 level)

If you have moved to Paris for work and need to improve your Business French skills quickly, private lessons or small group classes (4/6 people) with Paris Version à la Française may be the ideal solution for you!

I can teach my French for Business course at your office during your lunchtime, at your home after work, or at another location (Vincennes or Paris for small corporate groups).

Because Paris Version à la Française is a training organization registered at the Prefecture of Ile de France, you can learn Business French at work or online in the context of corporate training.

Examples of Business French Classes:
Photos of Paris Version à la Française- How to say it? (Level A1)
- Work in French language in a French company (Level A1/A2) 
- Improve your Business French  language level (Level A2/C2)
- Improve your French pronunciation (Level A2/C2)
- Improve your French skills in grammar
- Telephoning in French (Level A2) 
- How to write in French for business (Level C)
- Be more fluent in business French (Level A2/B2)
- Effective business communication  (Level A2/B2)
- Legal French (Level B2/C2)
- French legal language (Level B2/C2) 
- French for the catering industry (Level A2)
- French for tourism (Level A2)
- French for the hotel industry (Level A2)
- Administrative and commercial French (Level A2/B2)

Because I tailor the content of my classes to focus on your exact requirements, career objectives, and job function, you will benefit from quick and targeted results.

Each program is composed of 20 hours packages. In addition, it is possible to arrange a blended training program, which combines one-to-one Business French lessons and online French classes via Skype, in case of schedule problems or business travel.

French Exam Preparation Courses:
I provide quality private French lessons that prepare you for the following French language exams which are issued by the French Ministry of Education and recognized worldwide:

- DELF preparation course –  (Diplome d’Etudes de Langue Francaise (beginner and intermediate A1/B2 level)
- DALF preparation course – (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) only for adults (advanced C1/C2 level)
- DFP preparation course – (Diplôme de Français Professionnel) from the French Chamber of Commerce

I can also prepare you to perform well in the following French language tests, which can be used to provide evidence of your French language level if required by an employer for example:

- TCF preparation course (Test de Connaissance du Français from the Alliance Française)
- TEF preparation course (Test d’Evaluation de Français from the French Chamber of Commerce)

French Conversation Classes:
French conversation, related to your personal interests, is another way to help you gain confidence for your next French meeting.

Your linguistic mistakes (phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, etc) are recorded during your speech then analyzed and corrected by me at the end.

The topic (business, news in general, culture, daily life, food, etc) can be chosen before the lesson, allowing everyone to be prepared for the conversation. Classes can be one-to-one or in a group of 2 / 3 people.

Skype French Classes:
For beginners to advanced level
Picture of French Language Lessons in Paris
Get connected with my online French classes taught via Skype! Learning French online with a native speaker is an excellent way to improve your French language skills, whatever your level.

Whether you want to learn French for professional or personal reasons, or are planning to visit France as a tourist, all of my online French courses can be customized according to your level and your learning goals. Learning at your own pace, you will make steady progress.

My online French classes can be combined with one-to-one French tutoring for professional expatriates who may not always be in Paris.

Online classes are 60 minutes long, and can be scheduled at times that best suit you. You need to book a minimum of 5 lessons. I offer an initial 30 minute meeting viaSkype for free, during which I evaluate your current language level and your learning objectives.

Private French lessons online could be combined with the eLearning Program for Beginners "On y va".

Online French program for beginners:
Designed to help you to gain in confidence in your self-learning, wherever you live, and to familiarize you with situations encountered in Paris, “On y va” is exactly what you need, to cope effectively with your daily life.

On y va”, an easy, flexible and complete self-training program to become a French speaker! Ask for a free trial.

French immersion programs for adults:
Exclusive programs designed according to your interests (gastronomy, history, shopping...) in Paris or in Eastern France (Burgundy, Champagne, Lorraine)

French Language Course for Tourists / Business Executives:
- Survival French crash course - all levels
- Evening French classes during the week 

Student Testimonials:
"It has been my pleasure to study with Pascale during my months in Paris. I found her to be a careful and patient instructor. She carefully considered my personal objectives and designed a curriculum for me that was well suited to my needs.

I was especially pleased at the degree to which French listening comprehension, conversation, grammar and written language were all incorporated into my studies. Whether for short or long term, I highly recommend Pascale for personalized language instruction in Paris."

- Elliot, USA

"I enjoyed the lessons very much and I’m grateful for Pascale to choose the topics, which were relevant in my life. Pascale is a lovely person to learn French with."
- Lilla, Hungary

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