Online French Tutor from France

Paris Version à la Francaise:
Learn French online using Skype! My name is Pascale Heuzé, and I run a registered French language training center called Paris Version à la Française. A qualified and experienced French language teacher, I provide online French lessons to adult learners ages 18+ from anywhere in the world (weekdays & weekends). In addition, I offer an audio software program called "On Y Va" for beginners online. Based in Vincennes next to Paris, I also provide private French lessons and immersion programs to students from beginner to advanced level.

Benefits of Learning French Online:

The main advantage of learning French online is convenience. Schedule your Skype classes for times that best suit you, and progress at your own pace.

Whether you are a complete beginner or at a more advanced level, I can tailor the content of each class to meet your specific needs and learning goals.

I can help business professionals with industry-specific vocabulary, tourists who are planning a trip to Paris with basic phrases that will make travel easier, or students wishing to achieve a high score on French language exams such as the DELF or DALF.

Who Takes My Online French Classes?
- Business professionals who wish to learn industry-specific vocabulary
- Tourists planning a visit to France who want to learn phrases that will make travel easier
- Students who wish to achieve a high score in a French language exam such as DELF / DALF
- People / families relocating to France
- Those who simply wish to learn French as a hobby

I teach professionals from a wide range of industries: architecture, aviation, culinary arts and hospitality, engineering, fashion design, finance and banking, graphic design, healthcare, interior design, journalism, management, photography, teaching, and international relations.

Online French Lessons:

- Private French lessons tailored to your requirements / interests
- Business French classes for professionals / executives
- Weekend French classes via Skype 
- Conversational French classes
- DELF / DALF / DFP/ TCF / TEF French language exam preparation
- Survival French crash course - ideal for tourists preparing to visit Paris
- French Refresher course
- French for travel / hospitality...

"On y va" - Online French classes for beginners
Self-training audio software French program for beginners online

Student Testimonials:

Photo of Online French Tutor from France"Votre programme de français interactive a été très utile pour moi. La façon dont vous avez mis en place les différents exemples me montre un modèle. Quand je ne vois pas le mot, j'aime que les réponses sont disponibles. La partie la plus difficile pour moi est les conversations audio.

Mots qui se terminent par des voyelles me donnent le plus de problèmes. Je pense que plus le temps que je passe avec le programme, la meilleure chance je vais devoir améliorer. Merci pour l'excellent outil!"

- M.M

"I am currently taking an online French course. The teacher makes it very interesting since, she not only checks my language proficiency to revise what I might have forgotten, but puts herself into my intellectual and cultural level. This is what makes courses to be enjoyable and very interesting."
- Guillermina, Venezuela

Address: 12 Rue Lejemptel, Vincennes, 94300, France
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Lesotho;   Vanzy;   Uganda;   chelsea, Australia;   Paris, France;   Cambodia;   Sierra Leone;   Dakar, Senegal;   Bordeaux;   Valparaíso, Chile;   and more.