Online French Language Courses via Skype

Paris Version à la Francaise:
Learn French online using Skype! My name is Pascale Heuzé, and I run a registered French language training center called Paris Version à la Française. A qualified and experienced French language teacher, I provide online French lessons to adult learners ages 18+ from anywhere in the world (weekdays & weekends). In addition, I offer an audio software program called "On Y Va" for beginners online. Based in Vincennes next to Paris, I also provide private French lessons and immersion programs to students from beginner to advanced level.

Online French Lessons using Skype:
Class Duration: 60 minutes. You must book a minimum of 5 classes.

Before you commit to a full course, I provide an initial 30 minute meeting via Skype for free. I evaluate your current level of French and establish your learning objectives.

I customize each lesson to suit your needs, interests, and learning goals. Having the undivided attention of your teacher means that you can focus on areas that you feel need the most improvement.

Learning French online means that you can schedule classes for times that best suit you, allowing you to study around your work or family commitments. You will quickly see an improvement in your French language skills. 

My Skype French classes can also be combined with the eLearning Program for Beginners "On y va". 

You can choose to focus on the following subjects during your online classes:
- Survival French crash course - ideal for tourists preparing to visit Paris
- DELF / DALF / DFP / TCF / TEF French language exam preparation
- Business French classes for professionals / executives
- French Refresher course
- Conversational French classes
- French for travel / hospitality

On y va : Online French self-training lessons for beginners on Parisvf’s platform
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This audio software program is taught using an elearning platform, allowing you to study on your own. You can start any time you want from any location in the world.

It comprises 20 lessons relating to the grammar and the structure of the French language, and more than 500 interactive exercises for adults on daily life in Paris.

With an emphasis on enhancing your oral comprehension skills, it helps you to learn or review the basic rules of the French language according to the A1/A2 (Beginner) level of the CECR.

“On y va“ (Let’s go) will help you to gain confidence in your French language skills. Increase your chances of improving your French skills before, during or after your stay in Paris.

Address: 12 Rue Lejemptel, Vincennes, 94300, France
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