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Summer Classical Music & Vocal Camps in UK & Online

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The Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music:
The Ingenium Academy summer music courses for high school students & young adults aged 13 to 21 worldwide: Choose from 6 exceptional week-long programmes (Piano, Saxophone, Composition, Conducting, Vocal, Orchestral) and experience online one-to-one lessons with top musicians.

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Virtual Ingenium Summer Music Academy Summer 2022:
• Online music classes - From 19 July to 9 August for high school students & young adults aged 13 to 21.
• Choose from 6 exceptional week-long programmes (Piano, Saxophone, Composition, Conducting, Vocal, Orchestra).

Summer Music Camp 2022 - for 14-18 Year Old Musicians: 
Our international summer music camp offers seven exceptional musical programmes: Voice, Piano, Chamber Music, Saxophone, Conducting, Composition, and Orchestral programmes.

Join us for a musical and educational experience you will never forget. A typical week at the Ingenium Academy is packed with rehearsals, sectionals, workshops, day trips and fun evening activities. 

Summer Orchestral Programme:

Photo of Summer Classical Music & Vocal Camps in UK & Online• This programme is for 14-18 year old musicians who will form orchestral and chamber ensembles. 

• Under the direction of some of the UK's top conductors and leaders, the course will see the our orchestral and chamber ensembles take on various challenging programmes of music from a wide range of composers.

• We ensure that students gain a deep understanding of these musical styles through the guidance of our specialized sectional tutors. 

• Each day, students will warm up as a whole school before rehearsing with the orchestra, playing an exciting and varied repertoire covering several genres.

• Students will have several opportunities to perform in both informal and formal recitals, weekly concerts, and masterclasses. 

• Students will undertake masterclasses and learn about the life of a professional musician.

• They will also have the opportunity to perform a concerto with an outstanding professional. 

Summer Piano Programme:
Image of Summer Classical Music & Vocal Camps in UK & Online• Encompassing all the essential rehearsal and performance aspects for young pianists, our summer piano camp includes daily ensemble and solo tuition.

• Students will play an exciting, challenging, and varied repertoire of all genres for solo performance as well as duets, six hands and two piano arrangements.

• They will also interact with our vocal and instrumental students to rehearse and perform chamber music.

• Tuition is provided by esteemed professors who are themselves professional musicians. They specialise in differing areas of musicianship and piano performance.

Topics covered include:

• Accompaniment
• Composition and improvisation
• Keyboard skills
• Repertoire
• Sight reading

Students will also experience:
• Specialist guest masterclasses with professors from the London conservatoires
• Open masterclasses
• Regular solo and ensemble performance opportunities
• Faculty recitals
• Performances in top British venues
• Meeting like-minded friends from all over the world within our environment of creative excellence

Summer Saxophone Programme:
Photos of The Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music• Celebrate the versatility of the saxophone! This summer music camp is designed for young saxophonists who love to play any of the different types of saxophone.

• Students receive solo and ensemble tuition daily, allowing them to develop and improve all aspects of their playing.

• They will also gain performance experience and explore the capabilities of their instrument while discovering new repertoire and styles. They will have the opportunity to perform in quartets and ensembles, as well as with students studying on other programmes at Ingenium.

• Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of all periods and styles of music, from Baroque to Minimalism to Jazz.

Topics covered include:
• Composition
• Improvisation
• Repertoire (Classical and Jazz)
• Sight reading
• Style
• Technique

Musical Workshops for Saxophone Players:
Given by the very best teachers and players from the London jazz scene, our workshops allow saxophone students to learn, develop, and improve their jazz improvisation, articulation and sound.

Summer Conducting Programme:
Picture of Summer Classical Music & Vocal Camps in UK & Online• The conducting programme is offered as two separate weeks - the first week is designed for students with a modest amount of experience, while the second is for more advanced students with a considerable amount of experience. Students may attend the two weeks consecutively. 

• This comprehensive programme comprises all of the essential performance and rehearsal aspects for young conductors. They will receive daily individual and group tuition.

• Throughout the week, students will have the chance to spend time both observing and contributing to rehearsals with the Ingenium Academy orchestra/choir.

• In addition to working with smaller chamber ensembles, they will also have the opportunity to conduct part of a live rehearsal.

Topics covered include:
• Baton technique
• Controlling, shaping and phrasing
• Musical analysis and history
• Rehearsal experience
• Rehearsal technique
• Score reading and preparation

Q&A Masterclasses
During the summer programme, conducting students will have the rare opportunity to attend "question and answer" sessions with professional orchestral players, to learn from their perspective about the best forms of direction and communication for each instrument group.

Summer Chamber Music Programme:
Images of The Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music• This unique course is for musicians with a passion for small ensemble playing under the guidance of some of the UK’s foremost chamber music specialists.

• In this programme, students explore a range of challenging music in depth, focusing on ensemble technique in an immersive and collaborative environment.

• Our specialized tutors will assist students in developing essential ensemble skills such as tuning and intonation, communication, dynamics and phrasing.

• In addition to rehearsing in ensembles, our chamber students receive individual lessons and participate in a broad range of musicianship workshops.

Auditions & Applications:
The week is aimed at bringing individual participants together, however it is possible for existing ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, quintets etc.) to apply. 

Summer Composition Programme:
• This course is designed for for composers of all levels with a passion for writing and discovering new music 

• The course includes one-to-one sessions and group workshops where students can share their ideas. Our composers will have access to an individual practice room to work on their compositions.

• Tutors cover topics including style, instrumentation, theme and structure, as well as specific techniques such as harmony and counterpoint.

• Students can also collaborate with young musicians from our chamber music, conducting and piano programmes, and can join friends from other programmes to participate in musicianship sessions covering a wide range of subjects.

Summer Singing Camp - Vocal Training:
• Our exceptional Vocal Programme is designed for young singers who are keen to develop their choral technique, improve their ensemble singing and explore a diverse range of vocal styles.

• Our teaching methods range from full ensemble rehearsals to small sectional groups and one on one tuition, in which students are encouraged to focus on whatever aspect of their singing that they wish to develop.

• Each morning begins with a comprehensive breathing and vocal warm-up. Our choral students then rehearse with the main concert choir, singing a challenging and exciting repertoire of all genres.

• We ensure that they gain a deep understanding of these musical styles through the guidance of voice specialists and sectional tutors.

• In addition to singing in the main choir, students also have the opportunity to form their own smaller vocal groups such as a gospel choir, chamber choir, show choir or contemporary a cappella group, as well as receiving individual singing lessons and taking part in masterclasses.

• There will be several opportunities each week to learn and perform in formal and informal recitals.

Vocal Workshops:
Every week, our students have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of vocal and musical workshops which are designed to broaden each student's knowledge through new and challenging experiences. Workshops are led by internationally renowned experts in classical, jazz, classical, gospel, pop and opera.

Our vocal workshops include:
• Beatboxing and vocal percussion
• Composition and arranging
• Ear training and harmonising
• Music theory
• Vocal technique and health 

Musical Workshops include:
• Conducting
• Composing and arranging
• Jazz improvisation and performance
• Musical awareness, performance skills and interpretation
• Instrumental improvisation and devising music
• Chamber and small ensemble playing
• Beatboxing and a cappella
• International music
• Life in the industry
• Health instrumental practice techniques and avoiding injury
• African drumming and body percussion

Supporting Non-Native English Speakers:
• While the Ingenium Academy is an English speaking music school, we also provide our non-native English speaking students with an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in an English speaking environment, and to improve the fluency, and quality of their English language skills. 

• We take care to support our non-native English speaking students, and help them to develop their communication skills. We also offer English language booster lessons and support.

Cultural Day Trips and Activities:

• In addition to their musical and vocal tuition, our three-week, fun-filled itinerary contains day trips to some of the UK's top cultural destinations and a wide range of evening activities.

• Day trips include a visit to the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge and the city of London, where students can experience Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, The Crown Jewels, Madame Tussauds, The London Eye, and a West End Show. 

• Other fun days out include a theme park, a trip to the south coast of England and visits to the beautiful towns of Salisbury and Guildford.

• Evening activities include movie nights, talent shows, team games, discos, quiz nights and barbeques. Every Sunday afternoon is an activity afternoon.

• Sunday afternoon activities may include: swimming, tennis, team sports, English language booster lessons or arts and crafts.

Student / Parent Reviews:

"Every day at the Ingenium Academy had something fun in it! My favourite workshop was with Jo from the Swingle Singers; she gave us a lot of useful advice and working with her was fun and educational. I liked that she encouraged us to express ourselves and gave us opportunities to improvise."
•  Doroteja, Vocal Student, 14, Lithuania

“I have learned that I can make long lasting friendships with people from different cultures from all over the world and I saw how music can be uniting.”
•  Ayça, Piano and Vocal Student, 17, Turkey

“I absolutely believe that this experience is life changing for a teenager.”
•  Abigail, Vocal Student, 16, USA

“It has inspired him musically to achieve more and the experience has enabled him to meet with like minded music loving teenagers. It has helped him make lifelong friends - an absolutely priceless experience.”
•  Daleen, Parent, South Africa

“The week Ben spent at Ingenium has been invaluable! He has matured immensely in such a short time, on a personal level as well as musically. What pleases us most is that his time at Ingenium has helped him to decide about his university course!”
•  Doris and Simon, Parents, UK

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