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World Geography Books - National Atlas Books

World Geography Books - National Atlas Books1. National Geographic Atlas Of The World 7th Edition by National Geog., Hardcover: 280 pages
Based on latest satellite technology and state-of-the-art digital data, this edition has new features, new graphics, and a new format. It is a treasury of definitive maps and informative entries on every country on Earth. In addition, "Worlds Beyond" presents a stunning portrait of our solar system and the universe. 63 political maps, 13 physical maps, 243 city maps; More than 140,000 entries in the most comprehensive index ever; Maps and illustrated articles on Earth's processes and resources; Flags and facts for every country; New maps of the moon, the solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe.

2. Essentials of World Regional Geography (with InfoTrac) by Christopher L. Salter, Joseph J. Hobbs, Hardcover: 720 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
The authors build the story of each region using contemporary concerns, global issues, and historical themes to create a complete picture of our ever-changing planet and its people. The authors help students understand what aspects of a place give it identity and personality by detailing what features make it newsworthy now and what features might make it critical in the 21st century. This is a market leading text with a unique chapter layout that allows for flexibility of topic coverage. "Profile Chapters" introduce a region in global terms by discussing the overall physiographic, economic, historical, economic, and cultural attributes that characterize a large world region (such as Europe or Monsoon Asia). Subsequent chapters then elaborate at a more local level (i.e., subregions and countries) about the finer-scale details, e.g. what geographical factors have made Germany a very different place from France. The advantages of this approach are that the profile chapters allow an instructor a great amount of latitude in how to cover a region.

3. Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts, 11th Edition by H. J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller, Hardcover, Publisher: Wiley
Physical geography is presented more consistently from chapter to chapter with major revisions to several chapters. A foldout map of the world in 1900 is included so that comparisons can be made from the beginning to the end of the 20th century. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised to reflect the changing cultural, political, and physical landscape of our world. Increased coverage of environmental change and the risks that the planet faces with 6.2 billion people. This new eleventh edition places more emphasis on critical thinking, human geography and environmental issues.

4. North America: A Geography of the United States and Canada (Hardcover) by J. H. Paterson, J.H. Paterson, Hardcover, Publisher: Oxford University Press
Paterson's geography of the United States and Canada has held its reputation as one of the best texts in regional geography through eight editions. It is noted for its breadth of view, analytic approach and readability. The new edition will retain the basic structure of the previous one, but more emphasis will be placed on urban development and environmental problems--without ignoring the importance of the more sparsely populated areas. Paterson examines the glaciation, climate, and soils of North America, before profiling its people and cities. He looks at governmental use of land and water resources, as well as agriculture and industry. After analyzing transportation methods, Paterson concentrates on specific regions: New England, the Canadian heartland, and Appalachia. He devotes further chapters to California, Hawaii, and the Spanish and Indian Southwest. Paterson studies every region of the continent in detail. A work of great breadth and scholarship, Paterson's book will benefit all undergraduate students of geography.

5. The Dk Geography of the World (Hardcover), Publisher: DK Publishing
An ideal reference for both home and school, Geography of the World has been updated and expanded to include all the new countries and shifting borders in our diverse and ever-changing world. Much more than just an atlas, this essential geographical guide gives details about each country's physical geography, people, climate, culture, and landscape, as well as important sociopolitical statistics concerning literacy, life expectancy, and health care. Geography of the World presents the countries of the world in a fact packed book with full color photographs, which will delight and educate young readers and their whole families!.

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