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The Language House is a language school and TEFL / TESOL teacher training school located in Montpellier in the South of France. We offer an accredited and internationally-recognised TESOL certificate course as well as French language courses. The cosmopolitan city of Montpellier is located halfway between Spain and Italy along the Mediterranean. Surrounded by countryside, vineyards and lakes, sitting at one of the many outdoor cafes is easy thanks to over 300 days of sunshine a year. Of the thriving 250,000 population, 60,000 make up a student population, allowing Montpellier to be the prime location of the South for exchanging ideas.

Located in the region of Languedoc-Rousillion, Montpellier is a center for cultural activities. Between it's quaint pedestrian streets carved out within the city center and it's high-tech industry, Montpellier is easily one of France's fastest growing cities.

Montpellier is 7-8 hours driving distance from Paris, 3 hours from Lyon or Nice and 2 hours from Marseille. It is also easily accessible by rail and air, being only 1.5 hours flight from Paris

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Photo of TESOL Course France, Montpellier TEFL Training Courses We offer a wide range of modern facilities for our students. We also provide a range of housing options some of which include meals and airport/ train pick up. The idea is that you're able to experience the culture of the country of your choice as well as attain the teaching skills you need to be successful.

School / Office Address: 5 Saint Lazare
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