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Barbados Travel Guide

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Full country name: Barbados
Area: 431 sq km
Population: 284,589
Capital City: Bridgetown
Language: English, Bajan
Religion: 95% Christian (40% Anglican), 5% other (Hindus, Muslims, Baha'i Faith, Jews)
Government: Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Time Zone: Eastern Caribbean (UTC-4)
Dialing Code: +1-246
Electricity: 115V, 50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric
Currency: Barbadian dollar (BBD)

Money & Costs:
Average Yearly Salary:

Budget: $15-20
Mid-range: $35-50
High: $75+
Budget: $30-50
Mid-range: $60-100
High: $150-250

Geography: Barbados is an easternmost Continental Island of the Lesser Antilles in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island is usually described as being flat or a low lying, however, it has terraced plains, separated by rolling hills that are generally as high as about 1100ft. Judging by its physical shape, Barbados is often compared to a pear or a leg of mutton.

Climate: Barbados has a pleasantly sunny weather with lots of warm days and cozy nights. There are constant sea breezes that cool down the island and its tropical climate, but still Barbados is sunnier and drier that other similar islands. There is a season (from July to November) called the wet season, however, even then the island experience only some brief rain showers. Barbados has an average of 8 to 10 sunshine hours per day. There is a possibility of tropical storms or hurricanes between June and November.

Recommended clothing: Since Barbados is a tropical island with an average afternoon temperature of 30 C (86 F), be prepared to dress casually and lightweight. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit, shorts and sandals. However, there are some strict rules concerning beach wear. For example, shopping in your swimsuit, bareback or barefoot is not accepted and most of the stores will ask you to wear at least a shirt and sandals to get service. Some fancier restaurants expect you to wear nicer attire when going for dinner. This doesn't have to be an evening dress, you can simply wear jeans and a nice polo shirt.

Important note: camouflage clothing is strictly prohibited from being worn or imported into Barbados.

Health: Don't forget to use a sun protection at all times when in Barbados. The island is only 13 degrees off of the equator, therefore you can easily get sun burnt. It is also very important to keep your water intake high, so try to drink more water. It is advisable to use a bug spray in the evenings or at night, as there are plenty of mosquitoes outdoors.

Food: Barbadian cuisine is a Caribbean cuisine with some products and variations of tastes borrowed from various nations. East Indian elements are obvious in numerous Barbadian dishes, such as roasted chicken, roasted beef or roasted fish served with potatoes. The national dish of Barbados is cou-cou and Flying Fish. Cou-cou is a recipe which came from African cuisine. You can try a variety of types of this dish, such as green banana cou-cou, breadfruit cou-cou etc. Barbadians also like the meals to be spicy, therefore they have numerous spicy sauces used for flavoring the dishes. Some of other traditional Barbadian dishes include rice and peas, pudding and souse, macaroni, yam, sweet potato pies and many other.

Drink: Barbados can be proud of their pure water. People say that it is the purest water in the world and that it can be drunk straight from the tap. Even cruise ship employees stock up their water supplies while docked at Barbados. When talking about alcoholic drinks, Rum is the king in Barbados. There are no bars that wouldn't have Rum or rum drinks. If you want to socialize and meet real Barbadians, go to one of the small establishments called rum shops. Local citizens (95% men) meet up in such rum shops to catch up on the local news.

Public Holidays:
Jan 1 New Year's Day
Jan 21 Errol Barrow Day
Apr 2 Good Friday
Apr 5 Easter Monday
Apr 28 National Heroes' Day
May 1 Labour Day
May 24 Whit Monday
Aug 1 Emancipation Day
Aug 2 Kadooment Day
Nov 30 Independence Day
Dec 25 Christmas

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