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Full country name: Republic of Ukraine
Area: 603,550 sq km
Population: 45,7 million (July 2010 est.)
Capital City: Kyiv (Kiev)
Language: Ukrainian (official) 67%, Russian 24%, other 9% (includes small Romanian, Polish, and Hungarian speaking minorities)
Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox - Kyiv Patriarchate 50.4%, Ukrainian Orthodox - Moscow Patriarchate 26.1%, Ukrainian Greek Catholic 8%, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox 7.2%, Roman Catholic 2.2%, Protestant 2.2%, Jewish 0.6%, other 3.2%
Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic
Time Zone: UTC+2 (daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October)
Dialing Code: 380
Electricity: 230 V 50 Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

Money & Costs:
Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Average Yearly Salary: USD 6,300

Budget: USD3-10
Mid-range: USD10-28
High: USD40+
Budget: USD20-50
Mid-range: USD50-100
High: USD100+

Geography: Ukraine is the largest country on the European continent. It is located in the Eastern Europe, by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The country borders Poland, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Most of Ukraine's terrain consists of fertile plains (steppes) and plateaus. Mountainous regions are being found only in the west (the Carpathian Mountains), and in the Crimean Peninsula in the extreme south. The country has also got many rivers, such as Dnieper, Seversky Donets or Dniester.

Climate: Generally, the climate in Ukraine is temperate continental, however, the southern Crimean coast has a Mediterranean climate. Precipitation is disproportionately distributed, being the highest in the western and northern regions, and the lowest in the eastern and southeastern parts of the country. The weather in winter season usually varies from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland. Summers are warm in most of the country, to even hot in the southern part. The average yearly temperature in the north ranges from 5,5 C (41,9 F) to 7 C (44,6 F), whereas the temperature in the south ranges from 11 C (51,8 F) to 13 C (55,4 F).

Recommended clothing: Since Ukraine has four distinct seasons, dress accordingly. Warm clothes are advised for the winter season, and light clothes for the summer season. Rainwear or an umbrella are recommended, as well as comfortable walking shoes. Casual wear is widely acceptable.

Social conventions: Ukrainian people are characterized as being warm and friendly, particularly to visitors; it is considered normal to invite strangers into your home. Formal attire is rarely seen, though you should dress quite smartly when going to the theater. Ostentatious displays of wealth in public places should be avoided, since pickpocketing is quite a big problem (especially in larger cities).

Health: Health service and facilities are not of the best quality, but reduced cost treatment is offered to visitors, therefore travel health insurance is essential. It is advisable to take the prescribed medicine from home, as some medicine can prove difficult to obtain. Vaccinations against hepatitis B and tuberculosis are sometimes advised.

Food & Drink: Ukrainian cuisine is well-known for its diversity and amazing flavors. The peasant dishes based on the plentiful grains and various vegetables, that are grown in the country, are the influence of the Russian, German, Polish, and Turkish cuisines. The most common locally grown foods include: potatoes, sugar beets, cabbages, grapes, and mushrooms. These are also often the key ingredients in the delicious Ukrainian soups and salads. The most popular dish of Ukraine is borshch; it is a hearty soup made from beet-roots, in a variety of ways. Bean, mushroom, and pea soups are also enjoyed by the locals and visitors of the country. Other staple vegetable dishes include: holubtsi (stuffed cabbage) and kartoplia solimkoi (straw potatoes). Kotlety Po-Kyivskomy (Chicken Kiev) is a well-known dish even outside the Ukraine. Kvas (a beverage made from bread with a sweet-sour taste) is the traditional drink. Both, kids and adults love the Compote (dried or fresh fruit drink), and Kefir (sour milk).

Public Holidays:
Jan 1 New Year's Day
Jan 7 Orthodox Christmas Day
Mar 8 International Women's Day
May 1 Labour Day
May 9 Victory Day
Jun 28 Constitution Day
Aug 28 Ukrainian Independence Day

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. The content of this page is not intended to substitute for advice given by the user's own government travel departments or a licensed travel health advisor. The viewer/user of this web page should always contact the user's own government representatives in that area for the most up-to-date information at that time, before making a final decision to travel to that country or destination.

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