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Accounting Books for College & University

Accounting Books for College & University1. College Accounting 1-12 and Study Guide and Working Papers and DVD and Envelope Package (9th Edition) by Jeffrey Slater, Hardcover, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Increase your understanding of accounting concepts! This book motivates learners and helps assess comprehension of accounting and taxation topics. Each chapter is divided into several 4-5 page "Learning Units" and each is followed by a "Learning Unit Review." Specific chapter titles include: Debits and Credits: Analyzing and Recording Business Transactions, Banking Procedures and Control of Cash, Payroll Concepts and Procedures, The Employer's Tax Responsibilities, Special Journals: Sales and Cash Receipts, and Preparing a Worksheet for a Merchandise Company. The book makes extensive use of the #1 market leading franchise Subway to provide real-world insights, and features in-text computerized accounting workshops on the latest release of Peachtree Complete Accounting. For accountants and tax preparers.

2. Accounting Information Systems by Marshall B. Romney, Paul John Steinbart, Hardcover: 735 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
The book reflects how information technology (IT) is altering the very nature of accounting, discussing how developments such as the Internet, electronic commerce, EDI, databases, and artificial intelligence are fundamentally transforming the way organizations conduct their business activities. Streamlined presentation condenses coverage into nineteen clear, tightly-focused chapters. Increased coverage of business strategy introduces basic strategies and strategic positions in Chapter 1. Enhanced coverage of e-commerce explores FEDI and control issues as well as IT support of e-commerce. For accountants interested in updating their skills.

3. Advanced Accounting by Paul M. Fischer, William J. Taylor, Rita H. Cheng, Hardcover: 1250 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
Advanced Accounting, 8e offers the most authoritative, conceptually strong, and comprehensive coverage of advanced accounting topics of any text on the market. Completely updated to reflect all of the latest FASB pronouncements, it is an excellent preparation resource for the CPA exam. Advanced Accounting also provides students with the tools they need to pursue professional careers in a global economy. This is the only text on the market to utilize the horizontal approach to consolidations worksheets, the format most commonly used in the business world.

4. Financial Statement Analysis with S&P insert card + Dynamic Accounting PowerWeb by John J Wild, K. R. Subramanyam, Robert F. Halsey, Hardcover, Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Financial Statement Analysis, 8e, by emphasizing effective analysis and decision making, gives readers a competitive advantage in analyzing financial statements in an increasingly competitive market. Financial Statement Analysis, 8e, continues to set the standard (over 7 prior editions) in showing students the keys to effective financial statement analysis - including both accounting analysis (part II) and financial analysis (part III). The book is appropriate for students with broad business interests, as well as those who are majoring in accounting and finance as it clearly shows the relevance of financial statement analysis to all business decision makers. The authors apply 3 important criteria in their writing: (i) Make it relevant; (ii) Draw inferences for business decisions; and (iii) Make it accessible and interesting. In addition, the authors: 1. Use numerous and current "real world" examples 2. Focus on analysis while describing current reporting requirements 3. Apply a concise/succinct writing style 4. Explain securities valuation using financial statement analysis.

5. Financial Accounting with Topic Tackler CD-ROM, NetTutor, & PowerWeb Package by Robert Libby, Patricia Libby, Daniel G Short, Hardcover, Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
This is an excellent textbook for a course or, if you have already studied bookkeeping, it is the perfect book to show you how financial accounting information is useful for managerial and investment decisions. The real world emphasis provides a great context. The authors have struck a good balance between acounting processes and the use of accounting information.

6. Management Accounting, Fourth Edition by Anthony A. Atkinson, Robert S. Kaplan, S. Mark S. Young, Hardcover: 624 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Unique in approach, This textbook provides a balanced, cohesive integration of management and accounting that has been noticeably missing from current texts. This book appeals to the general business student as well as the Accounting major. It teaches how a business manager uses management accounting information to solve problems and manage activities within an organization. Accounting majors aspiring to become management accountants learn how to design and operate information systems that create value for their organizations. The entire text blends contemporary theory and the latest research in management accounting with practical applications and actual company experiences.

7. Modern Accounting in the Financial Services: Accountancy for Banking Students by Dick Edwards, Paperback, Publisher: Financial World Publishing

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