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Allied Health Chemistry Books for College & University Students' Textbooks

Allied Health Chemistry Books for College1. Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (8th Edition) by Karen C. Timberlake, Hardcover: 658 pages, Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
This best-selling text makes chemistry exciting by showing why important concepts are relevant to the lives and future careers of readers. The new design, digital images, photos, Career Focus features, and macro-to-micro art enhance the new edition while it retains the many features that have made this book so successful. Each section contains sample problems that develop readers' critical-thinking skills. This edition also contains more conceptual problems than ever before and has been redesigned to accommodate new styles of learning and teaching with a wide variety of pedagogical tools. Health and environmental notes throughout the book highlight topics that are relevant to readers' lives and are ideal for classroom discussion. Explore Your World activities in each chapter make chemistry exciting, relevant, and non-threatening. This book is ideally suited for the allied health student, or anyone interested in general, organic, or biological chemistry.

2. Introductory Chemistry for Today (with GOB ChemistryNow and InfoTrac) by Spencer L. Seager, Michael R. Slabaugh, Paperback: 496 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
Distinguished by its superior allied health focus and integration of technology, this Fifth Edition continues to lead the market on both fronts through numerous allied health-related applications, examples, boxes, and a new Companion Web Site, GOB ChemistryNow™. In addition to the many resources found in GOB ChemistryNow, this powerful new Web site contains questions modeled after the "Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Exams," and NCLEX-LPN "Certification Exams". The authors strive to dispel users' inherent fear of chemistry and to instill an appreciation for the role chemistry plays in our daily lives through a rich pedagogical structure and an accessible writing style that provides lucid explanations.

3. Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac) by Frederick A. Bettelheim, William H. Brown, Jerry March, Hardcover: 864 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
Known for the successful way it meets the needs of students who take this course--from re-entry students to those heading directly into careers in the allied health fields, the book is acclaimed for the way it provides students a solid chemistry foundation that will serve them well long after they leave the course. In this edition, the authors continue the hallmarks that have made their book a classic in the field: a pedagogically rich learning framework; a wide variety of medical and biological applications; a visually dynamic art program, innovative "Chemical Connections" essays that focus on current issues in general organic, and biochemistry; and exceptionally strong and varied end-of-chapter problems. At the same time, they have extended their student focus by providing a greatly expanded interactive CD-ROM, as well as a new "Career Corner" portion on the Book Companion Web site designed to help students make the connections between the chemistry they are learning today and their future careers. This edition gives students a solid foundation of the chemistry of the human body, consistently demonstrating that a strong background in molecular structure and properties leads to better understanding of biochemical interactions.

4. Organic and Biochemistry for Today (with InfoTrac) by Spencer L. Seager, Michael R. Slabaugh, Paperback: 500 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
This alternate edition is a paperback book designed for for students majoring in nursing, other health professions, or life sciences, and professors who want to cover organic and biochemistry. The ancillaries and web site that accompany the main text are also available for this briefer edition.

5. Allied Health Entrance Exams by Learning Express, Paperback: 368 pages
Getting into top Allied Health education and training programs can be a challenge. You need to be prepared for both the Allied Health Professions Admission Test (AHPAT) and the Allied Health Aptitude Test (AHAT) in order to pass. Allied Health Entrance Exams, The Complete Preparation Guide gives you all the information you need to pass the test and begin your education and your career in the Allied Health field..

6. Allied Health Chemistry : A Companion by Smith, Paperback, Prentice Hall
A wonderful book that makes math and chemistry understandable to students who struggle with such subjects.

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