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Bahasa Indonesian Language Books, Audio CDs for Self Study

Bahasa Indonesian Language Books1. Teach Yourself Indonesian Complete Course with audio CDs by Christopher Byrnes, Eva Nyimas, Paperback: 224 pages, Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Begins with the basics and gradually promotes the student to a level of smooth and confident communication, including: Up-to-date, graded interactive dialogues; Graded units of culture notes, grammar, and exercises; Step-by-step guide to pronunciation; Practical vocabulary; Regular and irregular verb tables; Plenty of practice exercises and answers; Self-assessment quizzes to test progress; Bilingual glossary.

2. Bahasa Indonesia: Book 1 : Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture (Bahasa Indonesia), by Yohanni Johns, Robyn Stokes, Paperback, Publisher: Periplus Editions
Contains a good volume of essential vocabulary and gives good explanations for every exercise. Easy to read text.

3. Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar by James N. Sneddon, Paperback: 387 pages, Publisher: Routledge
This book provides a description of the structure of the Indonesian language written in a clear, non-technical manner. It is a complete reference guide to the language as it is spoken and written by native speakers and can readily be used by speakers of Indonesian who have no linguistic background. To aid clarity, all word groups and structures discussed are illustrated by natural examples. Each section can be read independently, enabling the reader to focus on one aspect of the language, if desired. All major structures of Indonesian, from words to complex sentences are described in detail and common grammatical terms are defined in the glossary.

4. Lonely Planet Indonesian Phrasebook, Fourth Edition by Patrick Witton, Paperback: 284 pages
This little book grows in usefulness if you are studying/have studied the basic language and you need something to enlarge your vocabulary and boost your communication power in Bahasa Indonesia. From the balmy nights of Bali to the monkey jungles of Sulawesi, you'll know your kepala, 'head', from your kelapa, 'coconut' with this book. Learn what to say on a wild night of dangdut - and when you're in a hurry to leave, know you'll need to catch a bajaj, not a becak. Selamat jalan!, 'Happy travels!' dive, surf & hike your way around the islands, join in the banter at the market, beach or bar, have the edge bartering at a pasar malam, cultural tips & protocol to smooth the way, experience a range of exotic dishes.

5. Indonesian-English English-Indonesian Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionary) (Paperback) by Helen L. Johnson, Rossall J. Johnson, Paperback, Publisher: Hippocrene Books
A good guide for the traveler and includes many of the words with their prefixes.

6. Indonesian Phrase Book & Dictionary (Berlitz Phrase Books) (Paperback) by Berlitz Guides
Get around in Bali or find your way to the beaches, either way, the Berlitz Indonesian Phrase Book has the words and phrases you need at your fingertips. Perfect for both business travelers and vacationers, this easy-to-use, color-coded book contains phrases for you to communicate with confidence and travel with ease. The Berlitz phrase book is the unparalleled market leader in its category.

7. A Dictionary of Indonesian Islam (Research in International Studies Southeast Asia Series) (Paperback) by Howard M. Federspiel
Drawing from an extensive list of writings about Indonesian Islam that have appeared over the past 15 years, Federspiel defines approximately 1,800 terms, phrases, historical figures, religious books and place names that relate to Islam, and gives their Arabic sources.

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