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Biotechnology Books for College & University Students, Textbook & CD

Biotechnology Books for College & University Students1. Biotechnology : An Introduction (with InfoTrac) by Susan R. Barnum, Paperback: 336 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
Written for a college-level course, This textbook introduces the field of biotechnology with a broad view. The author then describes the processes and methods used to manipulate living organisms or the substances and products from these organisms for medical, agricultural, and industrial purposes. Using case studies and examples, the author rounds out discussions by detailing the technology and how it is applied, including discussions on the implications of biotechnology in such areas as gene therapy, medicine, agriculture, marine biology, and forensics. More complex and difficult-to-teach topics are given special coverage, by providing outlines, bulleted lists, and tables for simplifying and clarifying topics such as immunology, construction of recombinant DNA molecules, relevant lab techniques, monoclonal antibodies, and plant transformation/regeneration. Besides the addition of color, this new edition places more information in boxes to focus on the process of science, the accomplishments of researchers in the field, and real-world examples of biotechnology.

2. Introduction to Biotechnology by William J. Thieman, Michael A. Palladino, Paperback: 350 pages, Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
The first biotechnology textbook geared specifically for the diverse scientific backgrounds of undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology. With its balanced coverage of basic molecular biology, historical developments, and contemporary applications, the text provides you with the tools and basic knowledge for success in the biotech industry. A comprehensive introduction, including sections on genes & genomes, recombinant DNA technology, forensic analysis, and a variety of biotechnology types such as agricultural and medical. For college instructors, students, or anyone interested in biotechnology.

3. Biotechnology: Demystifying the Concepts by David Bourgaize, Thomas R. Jewell, Rodolfo G. Buiser, Paperback: 416 pages, Publisher: Pearson Education
This textbook provides an excellent overview of biotechnology for a person at College level. Presents key concepts in biotechnology but also examines the far-reaching social, ethical, and political issues raised by this evolving field. Covers basic scientific concepts, multi-staged biotechnical applications, and biotechnology's effects on today's society and on future generations. .

4. Basic Biotechnology by Colin Ratledge (Editor), Bjorn Kristiansen, Paperback: 584 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press
An excellent textbook for an introductory course in Biotech. Biotechnology's huge, wide-ranging, multidisciplinary activities impinge on everyone's lives in the form of recombinant DNA techniques, cloning and genetics, the application of microbiology to the production of household goods, and antibiotics. It continues to revolutionize treatments of many diseases and is used to provide clean technologies and deal with environmental problems. Basic Biotechnology is a mainstream account of the current state of biotechnology, written to provide the reader with insight, inspiration, and instruction into the skills and arts of the subject. The volume explains the fundamental aspects that underpin all biotechnology and provides examples of how these principles are put into operation, from starting substrate to final product. The book is essential reading for all students and teachers of biotechnology and applied microbiology and for researchers in the many biotechnology industries.

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