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Business Logistics Books for College & University Students

Business Logistics Books for College1. Management of Business Logistics: A Supply Chain Perspective by John J. Coyle, Edward J. Bardi, C. John Langley, Hardcover: 672 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
Presents the latest developments in logistics management. Its managerial focus blends logistics theory with practical applications and includes updated material of latest transportation regulations and carrier pricing.

2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Strategies for Reducing Cost and Improving Service, Second Edition by Martin Christopher, Hardcover: 304 pages, Pub: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Logistics management is increasingly being seen as a source of competitive strength. Its effective use provides potential for cost reduction and the opportunity for increasing market share. The second edition discusses the role of logistics in achieving corporate and financial goals. Updated and expanded with more checklists, more short cases and executive summaries, this is an invaluable guide for all logistics and distribution managers.

3. Business Logistics Management (4th Edition) by Ronald H. Ballou, Hardcover: 696 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
A comprehensive discussion of the planning, organizing, and controlling of such activities as transportation, inventory maintenance, order processing, purchasing, warehousing, materials handling, packaging, customer service standards, and product scheduling. CD-ROM included.

4. Purchasing And Supply Management by Michiel Leenders, Harold E. Fearon, Anna Flynn, P. Fraser Johnson, Hardcover: 768 pages, Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Recognizes the major supply challenges facing all organizations and their purchasing and supply management implications. It also provides solid grounding in the basic tools and techniques along with opportunities to test comprehension through carefully crafted questions and cases.

5. Streamlined : 14 Principles for Building & Managing the Lean Supply Chain by Mandyam M. Srinivasan, Hardcover: 368 pages, Publisher: South-Western Educational
The concepts in this book can be applied to any organization, regardless of the industry one works in. Veteran managers will gain a new perspective as they view the supply chain from a holistic approach. The 14 principles in the book are presented with common-sense explanations. Less experienced managers will benefit from the case studies that provide living examples of how each of the 14 principles has been applied successfully in practice. The summaries and conclusions throughout the book effectively reinforce the content in each chapter.

6. E-Distribution by Barry Lawrence, Daniel F. Jennings, Brian E. Reynolds, Hardcover: 264 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
E-Distribution provides an understanding of the role of the distributor in the supply chain and presents an E-Business Model that allows the integration of the customer into the distributor's operations. It provides information on how forecasting, purchasing, decision-making, inventory management, and vendor relationships can be accomplished within an e-commerce environment. The text stresses the importance of e-commerce and developing contemporary distribution models to leverage the power of technology within business distribution systems.

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