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Management Books for Business1. Management by Richard L. Daft, Hardcover: 880 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
The Seventh Edition of this market leading text continues to raise the standard through its cutting-edge presentation of managerial thought, carefully developed applications, and innovative technology components. Richard Daft seamlessly integrates the topic of this edition, managing in turbulent times, with traditional management concepts to show what influences and guides managerial action in today's organizations. To illustrate the conceptual material and engage the learner, Daft includes diverse examples, exercises, and applications in every chapter. Through each edition, Management has continued to build an outstanding reputation with instructors for its quality, topic selection, applications, and authorship. The number one text on the market, it is renowned for its strong content, the quality of its examples, its readability and its numerous applications that reinforce concepts and involve users. Some hallmark features include Management in Practice exercises, Concept Connection photo essays, and Manager's Shoptalk boxes.

2. Interactive Text, Management with Access Certificate and InfoTrac College Edition by Richard L. Daft, Paperback: 600 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
This textbook combines the thorough presentation of Richard Daft's Management 6th Edition, with rich multimedia, real-time updates, exercises, self-assessment tests, note-taking tools, and more. This combination of print and online material provides users with active learning tools and tutorials; helping instructors shorten preparation time and improve instruction. The Interactive Text offers a complete technology teaching solution that integrates all of the media together in one seamless package no assembly is required. Management Interactive Text consists of two components: a Print Companion and a seamlessly integrated Online Companion, providing an easy-to-use teaching and learning experience.

3. Management Information Systems, Eighth Edition by Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon, Hardcover: 608 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Information systems knowledge is essential for creating competitive firms, managing global corporations, and providing useful products and services to customers. This book introduces management information systems that readers will find vital to their professional success. Emphasizes the digital integration of the firm through enterprise applications (management of the supply chain, customer relationships, enterprise systems, and knowledge). Offers vivid examples, engaging and interactive exercises, and the most up-to-date information to illustrate the impact of information technology on business. Highlights new applications and technologies to digitally enable business processes for electronic business and electronic commerce, i.e., what will improve firms' relationships with customers and create additional value. CD-ROM included.

4. Strategic Management of e-Business by Stephen Chen, Paperback: 416 pages, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
This book focuses on the strategic implications of e-Business and examines the e-business strategies being employed by firms in a range of different industry sectors. This new edition contains updated and new case studies, as well as recognizing the developments in the field. Written for students under-taking a MBA, final year undergraduate students and executive education courses, this book will also be a valuable resource for consultants and practitioners who need to gain a greater understanding of the strategic issues underpinning e-Business.

5. Managing Human Resources by George W. Bohlander, Scott A. Snell, Hardcover: 832 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
Covers all aspects of human resource management and its impact on both individuals and organizations. The text builds on a foundation of research and theory, taking a practical approach focusing on critical issues and successful practices. Users and reviewers of the text praise its pleasant writing style, user-friendly design, and highly effective examples. In fact, over 500 different organizations from a variety of settings are used as examples to illustrate key points. The Highlights in HRM examples provide exact illustrations of organizational practices and policies. Important issues and critical trends are spotlighted in each chapter and reflected in the comprehensive and chapter ending cases included in the text. The balance of theory and practice, hands on activities, applications, and examples will helps learners develop the competencies to understand and help their organizations create a sustainable competitive advantage through people.

6. Organizational Behavior (10th Edition) by Stephen P. Robbins, Hardcover: 704 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
The most comprehensive, reality-based review of organizational behavior of its kind, this volume prepares readers to explain and predict behavior in organizations at three levels-the individual, the group, and the organization system. Features a lively, conversational style, extensive examples, case applications, skill-building modules, "Ethical" Dilemma exercises, "Myth or Science?" boxes, and more. Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction. Personality and Emotions. Perception and Individual Decision Making. Basic Motivation Concepts. Motivation: From Concepts to Applications. Understanding Work Teams. Communication. Basic Approaches to Leadership. Contemporary Issues in Leadership. Power and Politics. Conflict and Negotiation. Technology and Work Design. Human Resource Policies and Practices. Organizational Culture, Change & Stress Management. For anyone interested in organizational behaviour, organizational psychology, or human relations.

7. International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures by Helen Deresky, Hardcover: 586 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
This globally oriented book covers the most current research and trends in International Management. It offers comprehensive and integrative cases that illustrate the actual behaviors and functions required for successful cross-cultural management at the strategic and interpersonal level. Includes numerous boxed features that relate concepts to real-world practice. Also includes experiential exercises for self-test. For professionals in international business.

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