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Business Math Books for College & University Students

Business Math Books for College1. Practical Business Math Procedures: Mandatory Package with Business Math Handbook, DVD, and Wall Street Journal insert by Jeffrey Slater, Paperback, Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
This book provides complete coverage of practical business applications of math, organized in a logical and teachable format, with unique and motivating pedagogy, and a market leading supplements package. Carefully written and developed to provide both procedural details in a step-by-step format, and superb motivation via Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine articles, colorful format, photos, and scrapbook projects, This textbook is a winner! This edition continues the "24-HOUR STUDENT HOTLINE" that has received over 50,000 student calls. Jeff Slater is a teacher and author of several leading titles in math and accounting, and his dedicated work on PBMP has made it the most reliable, trustworthy, and widely used text.

2. Business Math, Complete w/CD & Study Guide & PH Math Tutor Center Pkg. (7th Edition) by Cheryl Cleaves, Margie Hobbs, Hardcover, Publisher: Prentice Hall
This book reflects more than 25 years of author involvement with business math education and the business community. The focus of this edition is on linking mathematics with real business practices in real businesses, giving readers a better appreciation for and understanding of the concepts that are vital in the business world. The book is filled with chapter-opening scenarios, chapter-ending case studies, cases, boxed features, and exercise sets. It is organized in workbook format and opens with chapters on basic math. Coverage includes banking, business statistics, trade and cash discounts, markups and markdowns, payroll, consumer credit, mortgages, insurance, taxes, and stocks & bonds. For entrepreneurs & anyone interested in personal finance.

3. Practical Business Math: An Applications Approach (8th Edition) by Michael D. Tuttle, Paperback: 512 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Features of this user-friendly text include: Explanation, Example, Exercise format presents the material, applies the concept, and then provides practice; Hints and Cautions for new learners; Varying levels of assignments for the practice and application of the concepts presented in the text; Five appendices: Calculator Selection and Operation, Math Shortcuts, Math of Computers, Employment Math Test, and Reading Market Quotations.

4. Math for Merchandising : A Step-by-Step Approach (3rd Edition) by Evelyn C. Moore, Paperback: 368 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
This book takes users step by step through the concepts of merchandising math. It is organized so that the chapters parallel a career path in the merchandising industry. The book begins with coverage of fundamental math concepts used in merchandising and progresses through the forms and math skills needed to buy, price, and re-price merchandise. Next readers learn the basics of creating and analyzing six-month plans. The final section of the book introduces math and merchandising concepts that are typically used at the corporate level. For individuals pursuing a career in merchandising.

5. Contemporary Business Math for Colleges by James E. Deitz, James L., Ph.D. Southam, Paperback: 672 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
This proven 13th Edition text, presents an arithmetic-based, basic approach to business math. It emphasizes practical skill-building to prepare students for future careers in business through step-by-step development of concepts, numerous practice exercises throughout, and a focus on real-world application of techniques. The text advances from most basic to more complex business math topics. A brief version is also available.

6. Real Estate Math, 5E : Explanations, Problems and Solutions by George Gaines, David S. Coleman, Linda L. Crawford, Paperback: 160 pages, Publisher: Real Estate Educators
Reviews basic math skills and demonstrates their application to real estate. Each question is worked out in detail and has the corresponding answer keys, which cross reference the user back to the text.

7. Practical Problems in Mathematics for Manufacturing by Dennis D. Davis, Paperback: 256 pages, Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning
This workbook/textbook has been newly updated to supply the basic mathematical skills and applications encountered in the workplace by manufacturing technicians. Practical exercises are presented in clear, easy-to-follow steps, offering a systematic approach to mastering essential mathematical skills. This new edition highlights critical thinking, to train students on the "how tos" of problem solving.

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