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Engineering English Book, Dictionary for Engineers, ESL Books

Engineering English Book1. ESL Resource Book for Engineers and Scientists by Elaine Campbell, Paperback: 336 pages, Publisher: Wiley
This unique resource book was specially designed for engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals for whom English is an adopted language. Its step-by-step guidelines, clear explanations, and carefully paced practice exercises will help you communicate more effectively in the North American technical workplace. Numerous real-life examples make it easy for you to master the elements of English grammar, tone, and style, as well as the special formal requirements for writing clear and effective technical documentation. While its primary function is to help you to develop effective technical writing skills, this resource book also helps you improve your speech and your listening skills.

2. Elsevier's Dictionary of Engineering : In English/American, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese/Brazilian 10, 987 terms 1490 pages in two volumes by M. Bignami, Hardcover: 1490 pages, Publisher: Elsevier Science
This dictionary contains terms covering the following 14 main fields: Architectural Engineering and Buildings, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Science and Technics, Surveying terms. It has two sections: the first one, the Basic Table, lists the terms in English (as well as those which are specifically American) in alphabetical order followed by their equivalents in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese/Brazilian. In the second section, the indexes, the German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese/Brazilian terms are listed in five separate alphabetical indexes. It is a basic tool for all contractors abroad. It will offer the adequate technical support for specialists evolving in an international environment.

3. English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary by Steven M. Kaplan, Steven M. Kaplan, Paperback: 792 pages, Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
This dictionary provides you with quick, ready access to nearly 50,000 essential terms and definitions found in the electrical and computer engineering field. Containing virtually every word and phrase you're likely to encounter in the professional literature, this authoritative reference boasts an extremely user-friendly format that directs you instantly to the precise term you need. Approximately 100,000 entries, nearly 50,000 in each language; Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage incorporating the latest terms and phrases; Thousands of terms not found in any other dictionary of its kind; Conceptual equivalents for idiomatic expressions rather than literal translations; Separate entries for phrases that begin with the same word or words; An indispensable tool for electrical and computer engineers, technical writers, as well as translators and interpreters.

4. Dictionary of Engineering by McGraw-Hill, Paperback: 642 pages
An essential reference for all professional engineers, writers, and students, this comprehensive dictionary covers the terms and concepts used in the major engineering disciplines, such as chemical, civil, design, industrial, mechanical, mining, acoustics, petroleum, systems engineering & thermodynamics. The book includes 15,000 terms-each definition identified by the field in which it is primarily used. Readers will also find handy cross references, as well as an appendix with conversion tables and SI units.

5. Solutions Manual for the Engineer-In-Training Reference Manual: English Units by Michael R. Lindeburg, Paperback: 256 pages, Publisher: Professional Pubns
Contains solutions to 930 practice problems in the Engineer-in-Training Reference Manual, and is indispensable in training you to solve problems fast. English Units.

6. Oxford English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering by Eric Glendinning, 192 pages, OUP
Uses authentic texts from a wide variety of sources for teaching English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Also an Answer Book + Teaching Notes are available.

7. Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian by S.N. Korchomkin, Hardcover, Publisher: Kluwer Law
This is a very useful & professional multilanguage dictionary.

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