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Computer English Book, Dictionary CD, Students Book

Computer English Book, Dictionary CD1. Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms (Barron's Business Dictionaries) by Douglas Downing, Paperback: 544 pages, Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
With 1,800 definitions and an abundance of Internet and online terms, this dictionary is perfect for new and intermediate computer users. The entries range from basic to advanced computer terminology and include historical terms and software concepts. The reference even defines and illustrates concepts and terminology for several graphics applications. This pocket-sized dictionary is packed with illustrations, charts, and examples and the comprehensive cross-referencing and clear language make it easy to use. Off- the-shelf software users will find this guide particularly useful.

2. Basic English for Computing by Eric H. Glendinning, John McEwan, Paperback, Publisher: Oxford University Press
Elementary to Pre-Intermediate levels: This topic-centred course is for both vocational students and computing professionals with a lower level of English. It covers key computing functions and develops learners' competence in all four skills.

3. Oxford Dictionary of Computing for Learners of English by Sandra Pyne, Paperback: 400 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
For Intermediate to Advanced levels: This book covers an extensive range of topics, including programming, hardware, data storage and memory management. Over 500 of the most important computing words are specially marked; contains 2,600 real examples. See also The Oxford Interactive Dictionary of Business and Computing on CD-ROM

4. Oxford English for Computing by Keith Boeckner, P.Charles Brown, Paperback: 212 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
Special emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and grammatical accuracy. Student's Book contains a letter-writing section and a comprehensive glossary of terms.

5. Oxford English for Electronics by Eric H. Glendinning, John McEwan, Paperback: 208 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press
Intended for students of Electronics in universities, colleges and technical schools, and for technicians and engineers. Can be used for self-study (with Answer Book).

6. Windows XP from A to Z: A Quick Reference of More than 300 Microsoft Windows XP Tasks, Terms and Tricks, by Pat Coleman, Paperback: 256 pages, Publisher: Redmond Technology
Providing more than 300 entries, this latest From A to Z reference shows short step-by-step descriptions and easy-to-understand definitions of all the common Windows XP terms. A handy listing of entries, this book organizes its Windows XP data alphabetically by task. With this logical organization of information, even new Windows XP users can get answers quickly and easily. Important topics covered are Windows tools that are useful to the beginner and the advanced user, such as finding files, using applets for business tasks, making network connections, and performing system maintenance.

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