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Geography Books for College & University Students, Textbook & CD

Geography Books for College & University Students1. Essentials of World Regional Geography (with InfoTrac) by Christopher L. Salter, Joseph J. Hobbs, Hardcover: 720 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
The authors build the story of each region using contemporary concerns, global issues, and historical themes to create a complete picture of our ever-changing planet and its people. The authors help students understand what aspects of a place give it identity and personality by detailing what features make it newsworthy now and what features might make it critical in the 21st century. This is a market leading text with a unique chapter layout that allows for flexibility of topic coverage. "Profile Chapters" introduce a region in global terms by discussing the overall physiographic, economic, historical, economic, and cultural attributes that characterize a large world region (such as Europe or Monsoon Asia). Subsequent chapters then elaborate at a more local level (i.e., subregions and countries) about the finer-scale details, e.g. what geographical factors have made Germany a very different place from France. The advantages of this approach are that the profile chapters allow an instructor a great amount of latitude in how to cover a region.

2. Essentials of Physical Geography (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac) by Robert E. Gabler, James F. Petersen, L. Michael Trepasso, Hardcover: 672 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
This book uses the combined expertise of three respected geographers to create the ultimate tool for illustrating physical geography concepts and helping students bridge the gap between scientific theory, practical application, and the human-environmental interface. The text emphasizes student involvement and interaction in the learning process, while combining the traditional and newer systems approaches. The book identifies and demonstrates Geography as a Physical Science, Geography as the Spatial Science, and Geography as Environmental Science.

3. Physical Geography : A Landscape Appreciation (8th Edition) by Tom L. McKnight, Darrel Hess, Hardcover: 640 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
A textbook teaching physical geography with a very visual format, including more than 80 maps, climographs, line and multi-part illustrations, more than 80 photographs,  and with a splash of humor that helps emphasize certain points. The CD-ROM contains virtual field trips that allow the user to explore geographically significant areas using virtual reality.

4. Population : An Introduction to Concepts and Issues (with InfoTrac) by John R. Weeks, Hardcover: 720 pages, Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Comprehensive yet accessible text that introduces students to population issues, concepts and theories. While keeping larger population issues in perspective, the text closely examines key factors in population processes, from fertility and mortality rates to agricultural production and urbanization. The text addresses both population problems and potential solutions, and engages students with intriguing essays, interesting examples, and up-to-date Internet resources. The text is the most comprehensive book on the market, encompassing the entire field of demography, including principle and practice: Chapters 1 - 8 provide the framework and tools while Chapters 9 - 13 apply these tools and demographic perspectives to real-world situations. The text is a classic in the field, and is respected for its comprehensive and contemporary approach.

5. National Geographic Atlas Of The World 7th Edition by National Geog., Hardcover: 280 pages
Based on latest satellite technology and state-of-the-art digital data, this edition has new features, new graphics, and a new format. It is a treasury of definitive maps and informative entries on every country on Earth. In addition, "Worlds Beyond" presents a stunning portrait of our solar system and the universe. 63 political maps, 13 physical maps, 243 city maps; More than 140,000 entries in the most comprehensive index ever; Maps and illustrated articles on Earth's processes and resources; Flags and facts for every country; New maps of the moon, the solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe.

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