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Hebrew Language Books1. Modern Hebrew for Beginners: A Multimedia Program for Students at the by Esther Raizen, Paperback: 224 pages, Publisher: University of Texas Press
Offers high school, college, and independent-study students a state-of-the-art learning experience. This combination text- and workbook is designed to be used with web-based audio, visual, and interactive materials to give students multiple learning opportunities suited to a variety of learning styles. This allows intense practice of all four language skills: reading, writing, listening comprehension, and conversation. Esther Raizen introduces the basic concepts of Hebrew through a wide variety of written and oral exercises in This textbook, many of which link to the website's computer tutorials and short original films based on contemporary Israeli life and society. She emphasizes the spoken language, while also paying attention to various aspects of normative grammar, of the written language, and of cultural elements associated with Hebrew. With this variety of materials and the capacity for continuous updating via the website, teachers and students will find this book endlessly adaptable and highly suitable for self-paced training.

2. A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew by Edna Amir Coffin, Shmuel Bolozky, Paperback: 462 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press
This organized, accessible guide to all aspects of contemporary Hebrew grammar presents the basic structures of the language. It uses a minimum of specialized linguistic terminology to analyze grammatical categories, phrases, expressions, and the construction of clauses and sentences. Verb and noun tables are provided as well as a comprehensive index in this useful teaching resource and easy-to-use reference tool.

3. Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar by Lewis Glinert, Paperback: 176 pages, Routledge
This guide covers all the essential areas of modern Hebrew for today's student. Presenting a fresh and accessible description of the language, it is useful both for independent study and for classroom work. Explanations, presented in short, readable sections, are clear and free of jargon. The book emphasizes Hebrew as used by contemporary native speakers of the language.

4. Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon by Francis Brown, S. Driver, C. Briggs, Hardcover: 1216 pages, Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
Based upon the classic work of Wilhelm Gesenius, the "father of modern Hebrew lexicography," BDB gives not only dictionary definitions for each word, but relates each word to its Old Testament usage and categorizes its nuances of meaning. BDB's exhaustive coverage of Old Testament Hebrew words, as well as its unparalleled usage of cognate languages and the wealth of background sources consulted and quoted, render BDB and invaluable resource for all students of the Bible.

5. The New Bantam-Megiddo Hebrew & English Dictionary (Bantam Foreign Language Dictionaries) by Dr. Sivan Reuven, Dr. Edward A. Levenston, Paperback: 736 pages, Publisher: Bantam
Comprehensive one-volume English/Hebrew, Hebrew/English Dictionary. 46,000 entries, including a concise explanation of the essentials of grammar in both languages. Hundreds of new words in both English and Hebrew.

6. Intermediate Hebrew Grammar by Andrew E. Steinmann, Paperback: 172 pages, Publisher: Virtualbookworm.com
Intermediate Hebrew Grammar is a Biblical Hebrew supplement designed to be used in a second-year Hebrew course at the undergraduate or graduate level.

7. Student's Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, A by Zondervan, Paperback: 112 pages, Publisher: Zondervan
This guide provides a vocabulary list of Hebrew and Aramaic words for students of the Old Testament language. Lists are based on frequency. Includes pronunciation guide.

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