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Macroeconomics Books for College & University Students

Macroeconomics Books for College1. Principles of Macroeconomics (7th Edition) by Karl E. Case, Ray C. Fair, Paperback: 512 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
It continues to use stories, graphs, and equations and a unified and logical organization that make economic concepts easy-to-understand and relevant to all readers. Users of this book see the connection between growth, trade, comparative advantage the production possibilities frontier. Recent changes in the economy are highlighted so that readers can understand how these events actually affect investment decisions and policy. This book continues to provide an excellent foundation in the scope and method of economics; demand, supply, and market equilibrium; measuring national output and national income; long-run and short-run concerns; aggregate expenditure and equilibrium output; the government and fiscal policy; the money supply and the Federal Reserve system; interest rates and output; inflation; the labor market and unemployment; macroeconomic issues and policy; the stock market and the economy; long-run growth; and open-economy macroeconomics.

2. Macroeconomics: Principles and Tools (3rd Edition) by Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven M. Sheffrin, Paperback: 425 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
This modern principles book has a strong foundation in demand and supply-the most important topic in learning principles of economics. Its improved coverage of change in demand vs. change in quantity demanded (also in supply coverage) enables learner to better visualize and truly understand the difference between these two fundamental concepts. A seven-part presentation covers an introduction and key principles; the basic concepts in macroeconomics; the economy in the long run; economic fluctuations; inflation, unemployment, and economic policy; and the international economy. For individuals using the tools of economics to help them grasp the logic of economic reasoning.

3. Macroeconomics and Active Graphs CD Package, Third Edition by Olivier Blanchard, Hardcover: 615 pages Publisher: Prentice Hall
The fundamental goals of This textbook are to provide an integrated view of macroeconomics and to make close contact with current macroeconomic events. This Intermediate Macroeconomics text is organized around a set of core chapters followed by three optional extensions. The Core covers the Short Run, Medium Run, and Long Run and is then followed by the three Extensions: Openness, Expectations, and Pathologies. The book concludes with a section on policy, although policy issues are also sprinkled throughout most chapters.

4. Macroeconomics : Theories, Policies, and International Applications by Roger LeRoy Miller, David D. VanHoose, Hardcover: 576 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
The central goal of This textbook is to address all of the fundamental macroeconomic theories and policy issues in the discipline within a compact and highly accessible text. It features a strong focus on instilling a learner's conceptual understanding of the discipline through a wealth of pedagogically sound features designed to teach and reinforce the material. This is the only intermediate macroeconomics text that fully integrates global economics from the very beginning. Additionally, it is also the first and only text on the market to offer a fully-integrated program of accompanying online resources and multimedia tools that enhance a reader's study of macroeconomic theory.

5. Macroeconomics with Macro Tools CD-ROM by Roger Farmer, Hardcover: 480 pages, Publisher: South-Western College
Combining the best of traditional and modern approaches to macroeconomics, Farmer is the first book in the Intermediate market to genuinely fill the gap between the macroeconomics taught to graduate students and the macroeconomics taught to undergraduates. It begins with the traditional IS-LM and AD-AS models that have been the staples of undergraduate macro courses for decades, and then the second half of the book introduces newer, dynamic theories of macroeconomics, including various growth models. The result is a text that describes the emerging consensus view of macro.

6. Intermediate Macroeconomics : by Dennis W. Jansen, Charles D. Delorme, Robert B. Ekelund, Hardcover: 7700 pages, Publisher: Thomson Learning
This mainstream text presents balanced coverage of all major schools of thought. It provides a clear and systematic portrayal of a modern economy in which international matters are a principle concern. Policy Issues, Insights, and Global Perspectives emphasize real-world examples and current issues. For flexibility, the first ten chapters present core topics, while the last eight chapters present optional topics.

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