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Medical English Books, Nursing Terms Dictionary, Nurses Vocabulary

Medical English Books1. International Medical Communication in English (Michigan Series in English for Academic & Professional Purposes) by John Christopher Maher, Paperback: 200 pages, Publisher: University of Michigan Press / ESL
This textbook was designed to meet the communication needs of medical personnel and students around the world who do not speak English as a first language. It is not an exercise book, but a reference that guides the user through various situations in which effective communication is needed. Topics covered include doctor-patient conversation; medical terminology; numerical expressions; surgical and medical equipment; examinations; speaking at medical meetings; seminar discussion; writing medical papers, letters, notes, and curriculum vitae; and telephoning within a hospital.

2. Stedman's Concise Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions: Illustrated (Book with CD-ROM) by Thomas Lathrop Stedman, John H. MD Dirckx, Leather Bound: 1079 pages, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
For advanced English speakers, this is a compact counterpart to Stedman's Medical Dictionary. Gives particular emphasis on allied health sciences. Offers pronunciations for every defined term, plus new and revised images, tables, and appendices. Features international content with British spellings and contributions from nine Canadian consultants.

3. Stedman's Medical Speller (Stedman's Word Books.) by Thomas Lathrop Stedman, Paperback: 1102 pages, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
For advanced English speakers, this quick reference includes only the headwords (main entry terms and subentry terms) from Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th ed., c2000. Includes approx. 125,000 entries built on a base of about 75,000 medical works, phrases, and acronyms.

4. Delmar's English and Spanish Pocket Dictionary for Health Professionals by Rochelle K. Kelz, Paperback: 520 pages, Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning
This unique bilingual dictionary contains Spanish terminology specific to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other countries. This book, with extensive drug terminology, will meet the needs of physicians, dentists, social workers, nurses, hospitals, clinics, opticians, ambulance attendants, teachers as well as medical technicians. In addition the format is such that it can easily be used in Spanish speaking countries to teach English to those working in the same healthcare fields. (English-Spanish, Dictionary, medical terminology, bilingual dictionary).

5. Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary/Diccionario Medico Espanol-Ingles, Ingles-Espanol (Spanish-English/English-Spanish Medical Dictionary) by Onyria Herrera McElroy, Paperback: 513 pages, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Contains some 20,000 entries on medical and technology-related words, with definitions and translations, plus side-by-side English/Spanish sections on medical abbreviations, English and Spanish grammar, conversion tables, weights and measures, signs and symptoms of common disorders, and common phrases to use when gathering patient histories and informing patients of recommendations and interpretations. This 2nd edition contains new terms, illustrations, charts.

6. Building A Medical Vocabulary: With Spanish Translations (Book with CD) by Peggy C. Leonard, Paperback: 608 pages, Publisher: W B Saunders
This book provides an introduction to medical terminology. It is organized by body systems and begins with an orientation, using terms users may already be familiar with, then it builds upon those terms to the more complex terminology. Each chapter presents concepts and illustrations reinforced by exercises, and ends with comprehensive review exercises. Programmed Learning sections are included, which helps the reader actively participate in learning through immediate reinforcement and comprehension.

7. Everyday English for Nursing: An English Language Resource for Nurses Who Are Non-Native Speakers of English by Tony Grice, Paperback: 230 pages, Publisher: Bailliere Tindall
ESL Textbook for nursing students. Presents case studies giving continuity and context to the language. Each chapter features exercises. Uses conversations with patients for developing an understanding of colloquial and idiomatic speech used in Britain. Abundant illustrations.

7. Everyday English For International Nurses: A Guide To Working In The Uk by Joy Parkinson, Chris Brooker, Paperback: 236 pages, Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
This book helps nurses coming to work in the UK for the first time communicate with patients and staff. It will assist non-EU nurses as they prepare for the English test and adaptation course necessary to practice. Covering a range of subjects, its main purpose is to explain colloquial language that patients might use but is not found in conventional dictionaries e.g. 'to spend a penny' or 'trouble with the waterworks'. In addition to communication skills, it contains practical advice on becoming registered, nursing in the UK, and the organization of the health & social care team.

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