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Modern Physics Books for College & University Students' Textbooks

Modern Physics Books for College1. Modern Physics by Raymond A. Serway, Clement J. Moses, Curt A. Moyer, Hardcover: 648 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole
Accessible and flexible, this edition has been specifically designed to provide simple, clear, and mathematically uncomplicated explanations of physical concepts and theories of modern physics. The authors clarify and show support for these theories through a broad range of current applications and examples, attempting to answer questions such as: What holds molecules together? How do electrons tunnel through barriers? How do electrons move through solids? How can currents persist indefinitely in superconductors? To pique student interest, brief sketches of the historical development of twentieth-century physics such as anecdotes and quotations from key figures as well as interesting photographs of noted scientists and original apparatus are integrated throughout.

2. Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Second Edition by John Taylor, Chris Zafiratos, Michael A. Dubson, Hardcover: 736 pages, Publisher: Prentice Hall
Refreshingly contemporary, this beginning-level introduction to modern physics covers all the important topics of relativity, quantum mechanics, systems with two or more atoms, and subatomic physics, but does so in a manner that won't overwhelm readers who are new to the subject. Explanations of concepts are exceptionally readable (often enlivened with humor), and an abundance of high-quality worked examples and practice problems give readers the hands-on practice necessary to master applications. The Space and Time of Relativity. Relativistic Mechanics. Atoms. Quantization of Light. Quantization of Atomic Energy Levels. Matter Waves. The Schrödinger Equation in One Dimension. The Three-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation. Electron Spin. Multielectron Atoms; the Pauli Principle and the Periodic Table. Atomic Transitions and Radiation. Molecules. Solids Theory. Solids Applications. Statistical Mechanics. The Structure of Atomic Nuclei. Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions. Elementary Particles. For anyone needing an introduction to, or refresher of, modern physics.

3. Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics: A Strategic Approach by Randall D. Knight, Hardcover: 1596 pages, Publisher: Addison Wesley
Built from the ground up on our new understanding of how students learn physics, Randall Knight's introductory university physics textbook leads readers to a deeper understanding of the concepts and more proficient problem-solving skills. This authoritative text provides effective learning strategies and in-depth instruction to better guide readers around the misconceptions and preconceptions they often bring to the course. The superior problem-solving pedagogy of this book uses a detailed, methodical approach that sequentially builds skills and confidence for tackling more complex problems. Knight combines rigorous quantitative coverage with a descriptive, inductive approach that leads to a deeper student understanding of the core concepts. Pictorial, graphical, algebraic, and descriptive representations for each concept are skillfully combined to provide a resource that students with different learning styles can readily grasp. A comprehensive, integrated approach introducing key topics of physics, including Newton's Laws, Conservation Laws, Newtonian Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Wave and Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern Physics. For college instructors, students, or anyone with an interest in physics.

4. Making Waves (Masters of Modern Physics) by Charles H. Townes, Hardcover: 320 pages, Publisher: AIP Press
Throughout his career Charles Townes has tended to avoid staying in fields that become too popular; consequently, his work has been characterized by great diversity. This selection of writings, taken from different phases of Towne's professional and personal life, reflects that diversity. Readers will discover brilliant and insightful essays on such wide ranging fields as maser and laser technology, quantum electronics, microwave spectroscopy, and molecules in interstellar space, along with thought-provoking spiritual views on how science and religion come together.

5. Modern Physics, Second Edition by Hans C. Ohanian, Paperback: 576 pages, Prentice Hall
This textbook provides a smooth transition from introductory into modern physics, the physics of the 20th century. The mathematics is kept simple, so students can better concentrate on the important physical concepts.

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