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English / Pronunciation Classes in Phoenix AZ

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Arizona Language Center:
Located in Scottsdale, Maricopa County AZ, Arizona Language Center offers English language (ESL) courses to local and international adult students. Study options include Group English classes, private English lessons, IELTS / TOEFL Exam preparation, Accent Reduction classes, and more. We also provide TESOL English teacher training courses.

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English as a Second Language Courses:
Photo of English / Pronunciation Classes in Phoenix AZAll levels from Pre-Beginner to Advanced. ESL Instruction combines the best of traditional methods with current approaches to make learning English stimulating and effective.

English courses provide a clear foundation in the structure of the language, building on an understanding of the basic grammar and vocabulary as well as patterns in the English language.

English Immersion Programs:  
Everything possible is done to maintain an environment that supports classroom instruction. Consequently, an English only policy is a fundamental aspect of the school philosophy. Students learning English benefit from using English only, in and out of class.

English classes are available for every skill level in grammar, conversation and pronunciation. Students will develop English language skills for real situations with the help of ALC`s special learning system.

English Grammar is taught in a communicative manner with an emphasis on using the structures orally.

Communicative methodology is also used to develop English Vocabulary, Idioms and Pronunciation.

English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Course:  
Effective communication requires clear speech and correct pronunciation.

Students learn proper pronunciation of English vowels and consonants while building a vocabulary that includes homonyms, synonyms and antonyms.

Practice flowing sentence structure and learn uniquely American English accents, terminology and idioms.

TOEFL Exam Preparation Course:
The Arizona Language Center offers TOEFL preparation programs designed for international students who are focused upon preparing for the TOEFL exam or to improve their current scores to meet requirements.

- Score Improvement Program:  
The Arizona Language Center prepares students for entrance into University and Graduate School with a preparation program for the widely recognized TOEFL exam. The Arizona Language Center program provides students with specific individual strategies to achieve high scores.

- Integrated Skills:  
The program course focuses upon improving spoken skills, increasing vocabulary as well improving strategies for reading, writing and listening comprehension.

International students requiring specific direction in crucial areas of the test focus on practicing those skills while comprehensively covering all sections of the test.

The Arizona Language Center’s TOEFL preparation course includes books, materials and practice CD to facilitate integrated skills preparation and critical test-taking strategies for the internet-based TOEFL exam.

- Private, One-on-One Tutoring:  
Students study English as a Second Language or prepare for the TOEFL examination one-on-one in private classes with Arizona Language Center¹s dedicated instructors at a location and time that is convenient for busy schedules.

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