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Aviva Spray Tanning Academy, Denver CO & Online:
Learn how to spray tan in Colorado with in-class training or online courses with Aviva Spray Tanning Academy! We provide 1-day spray tan certification programs in Denver CO, which take place regularly in a leading hotel, and are suitable for total beginners to the sunless tanning industry to advanced level beauty professionals. In addition, our quality online training allows you to learn the increasingly-popular art of spray tanning from the comfort of your own home or workplace in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and throughout Colorado or nationwide. Our spray tan courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can learn worry-free! Contact us below today to take the next step towards full certification as a spray tan technician.

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Benefits of Spray Tan Training with Aviva Labs:

Photo of Spray Tan Training in Colorado• Learn the secrets of our most talented estheticians, and get trained using the flawless techniques that have helped thousands of students who succeed, taught live by our team of salon professionals and spray tan business consultants.

• Learn to Start or Grow your own Spray Tanning Business with Aviva! Aviva Spray Tanning Academy will teach you how to win huge numbers of new clients, service them exceptionally.

• If you would like to learn the simple but powerful business practices to do 50, 70, or even 100 spray tans per week, you should take a program with Aviva Labs!

• In our spray tan academy, we’ve created a fun and relaxed atmosphere where ideas are shared, knowledge is exchanged and you get the real hands-on tools you need to transform your business dreams into reality.

• Earn full spray tan certification! On successful completion of your course, you will receive a Spray Tan Certificate signed by President and Founder, Mitch Bloom, stating that you have successfully studied and trained as an Aviva Labs spray tan professional consultant.

• The training program is updated every 3 months to include the most innovative business, strategy, and technology advancements in the industry.

• All of our spray tan certification classes come with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Our Student Backgrounds:
• Our manufacturer-owned and operated academy provides certification programs are great preparation for those who wish to work in spas, hair salons, spray tanning salons and mobile spray tanning businesses as a sunless tanning consultant.

• Our students are beauty professionals who are looking to start a successful spray tanning business, improve the profitability of their current spray tanning business, host mobile spray tan parties, or add sunless tanning certification to their beauty career portfolio.

Benefits of Learning to Spray Tan:

Image of Spray Tan Training in Colorado
Increased Career Options
• Many estheticians and spray tan professionals enjoy the stability of a static environment, either working from an existing spa or salon, or renting a storefront where clients can come to you.

• However, if you prefer more variety in your working day, you can choose to set up a mobile tanning business and travel from one location to another.

• A mobile service allows you to service clients in the comfort of their own home, as well as attending large parties where several clients can be sprayed at once, making it fast and cost-effective for you. You can attend events anywhere while constantly promoting yourself.

Easy & Inexpensive Business Setup
• Apart from your investment in quality training from Aviva Spray Tanning Academy, your start-up costs are very small. The right spray equipment, a few bottles of tanning solution, and a backdrop cloth, and you're in business!

• You only need a well-ventilated space that is large enough for your client to spread their arms. Set up and take down of your equipment can be done in a matter of minutes so you the space only has to be dedicated to spray tanning for a short time.

Increased Revenue
• Whether you choose to establish a dedicated spray tanning business, or wish to add it to the list of services you offer your existing clients, becoming a spray tan professional can prove extremely lucrative.

• The quality training you receive from Aviva Spray Tanning Academy will teach you how to complete a flawless spray tan quickly, allowing you to optimize your earning potential.

In-Class Spray Tan Courses:

Photos of Aviva Spray Tanning Academy, Denver CO & OnlineOur onsite spray tan classes in Denver CO take place in a leading hotel.

Sunless 101 Spray Tan Certification Program:
• A 1-day comprehensive course for basic beginners up to intermediate level.
• All of our spray tan classes come with a 100% money-back guarantee.
• Our Denver spray tan training class is an all-day program beginning early at nine in the morning and only ending when you are fully satisfied with your new learning.

Online Spray Tan Certification Programs:

Sunless 101 Online Course:
• 3 hour course for beginner to intermediate level spray tanning professionals.
• This is a web-based course to study at your own pace.
• An Aviva Academy Sunless Certificate will be awarded and mailed to you on completion of your online course.

Student Reviews:

Picture of Spray Tan Training in Colorado•  "We got a wealth of knowledge in our class, easy to understand and execute. Highly recommend!!"

•  "Aviva's passion for health and wellness along with continued client service is the same philosophy I have for my business model. The education and information in the course has already paid off!"
Christal, Owner: Shape Smart Wellness Spa, Wyomissing PA.

•  "(Learning about) the different DHA formulas makes it easy for me to customize each client’s look."
Joanna Roche, Owner, Live Beautifully OC, Irvine, CA.

•  "I had taken several online courses and what set Aviva's apart for me was the in-depth demonstration of spraying technique. It completely changed my game up 100%.

That has helped me perform the best for my customers. I would recommend Aviva to others because they are amazing at what they do. They are leaders in this business and simply the best."

Sophia, Owner, Golden Glow Studio Mobile Spray Tanning Services, Long Beach CA.

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