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Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS):
The Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre (MIS) offers a range of certificate, diploma, bachelor's degree programmes and master's degrees in the fields of sales and marketing. It is a not-for-profit organisation that serves as a hub for students, professionals, and organisations interested in sales and marketing to congregate, network, and exchange knowledge. Our courses are available to local and international students from around the world. Many of our courses are available in part-time format.

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Quality Sales & Marketing Education:

MIS is renowned for its practical and up-to-date theoretical approaches in its training programmes. The Institute believes in promoting marketing as a philosophy and developing students holistically with our robust academic framework. The qualifications awarded by MIS are highly regarded and recognised, especially in the field of Business, Sales and Marketing. We also offer executive development programmes through sales and marketing practitioners.

Business, Sales & Marketing Courses:
- Certificate in Sales and Marketing
- Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management
- Diploma in Business Management
- Graduate Diploma Programmes in: Marketing; Business Management; Brand Management: Professional Diploma in Asia Pacific Marketing
- Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Programmes in: Business and Management; Marketing Management; Business Management; International Business Management
- Master of Business Administration (MBA)
- Master of Science in International Marketing Management 
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Located strategically at the heart of South-East Asia, Singapore has long been considered the quintessential gate between the East and the West. Since its independence in 1965, Singapore has grown to become a major business and financial centre of the region. Small as it may be, Singapore holds many unique discoveries waiting to be uncovered by the intrepid explorer. Walking through the streets of Singapore, you will find a brilliant blend of ethnic cultures and heritage, cuisine and the arts, activities and attractions, all within the island's sunny shores. Amidst city skyscrapers and modern buildings, historically-preserved century-old shop houses stand as a memorial to the era gone by.

It is a breeze to get around in Singapore, all thanks to the comprehensive taxi, bus and train services that ply the streets. It has the world's busiest sea port, an award-winning airport that serves more than 60 major airlines, and excellent state-of-the-art communications and transportation infrastructure.


There is a wide variety of accommodation options that students living in Singapore can choose from, to suit their requirements and budgets. Students can choose to stay in dormitories, or rent a room or an apartment with other friends studying in Singapore. MIS will gladly assist students in arranging for accommodation even before they arrive in Singapore. If renting a room or an apartment, students have a choice of renting government housing (Housing Development Board apartments), or private housing (landed property or condominiums).

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Address: 410 North Bridge Road, Singapore, Singapore
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