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Stafford Global - Online Education:
Earn a degree from an accredited UK university from the comfort of your own home or office in Oman, the Middle East or around the world! A leading provider of online Undergraduate, Masters, Post-Graduate or Doctorate degree-level courses from acclaimed UK universities, Stafford Global offers the opportunity to earn an internationally-recognised qualification to ambitious people, recent graduates or working professionals seeking to further their education online. With part-time study options available for many of our courses, Stafford Global has over 20 years experience in providing top-quality distance learning education in the fields of business, management, education, human resources, and professional development among other fields.

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Online / Distance Learning Degree, Diploma & Certificate Courses:
Offered in partnership with accredited UK universities. Part-time study options are available for many courses.

University of Northampton, UK:

Photo of Online Degree Courses in Oman• Master of Business Administration Program - CIPS Accreditation
The MBA (with CIPS accreditation) is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). Normally studied over 18 months. 

• Blended Learning Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

Support your career progression by developing critical thinking and research skills - which will enhance your business knowledge and understanding. Normally studied over 18 months.

• Blended Learning Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program
If you are an experienced leader in the public, private, or third sectors, this online DBA program helps to prepare you for senior management and/or consultancy roles. Develop your knowledge and skills in reflective practice, research methods, and research leadership and governance. Normally studied over 4 years.

Edinburgh Napier University, UK:
Image of Online Degree Courses in Oman• MSc in Business Management
This course will provide you with the practical proficiencies and knowledge you need to succeed in a career in business. Duration: 18-24 months. 

• MSc in Human Resource Management
The course focuses on how HR can develop high quality leaders and practitioners who make a positive difference to individuals, organisations and society. Duration: 18-24 months. 

• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
This globally-recognised qualification will develop your business skills and give you the expertise you need to take on senior roles in any organisation. Duration: 18-24 months.

• MSc in Data Science
This course is suitable if you are currently employed in a data-related role in your company, or any position for which you would like to enhance your data-related skills. Duration: 20 months. 

• MSc in Construction Project Management

This program offers a well-balanced blend of theory and practice which prepares you for work as a project manager in the construction industry. Duration: 24 months. 
• MSc in Health and Social Care
This course is ideal for professionals working in or aspiring towards leadership and management positions within health and social care organisations. Duration: 21-26 months.

• MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering
This course is s an industry credited programme which offers a gateway to a promising career in the transport professions. Duration: 36 months. 

• BA in Business & Enterprise (Top-up)

Designed for those who are currently in work and looking to enhance their qualification to degree level. Students further develop business, management and enterprise skills. Duration: 12-18 months.

• BA in Business Management (Top-up)

This top up degree is designed for those who already have a business-related HND, associate degree or equivalent. Duration: 12-18 months. 

• BA in Sales Management (Top-up)

This course provides you with varied opportunities to evaluate your knowledge of contemporary selling processes, lead nurturing, relationship selling and key account management. Duration: 12-18 months. 

• BSc in Nursing Studies (Top-up)
This top up degree is designed specifically for registered nurses who hold a diploma or certificate in nursing and want to top-up their current academic qualifications. Duration: 12-24 months.

• Post Graduate Certificate in Learning, Teaching & Assessment Practice in Higher Education
Students will enhance their learning, teaching, assessment and research skills, in addition to their capacity for academic and reflective writing. Duration: 12 months.

University of Leicester, UK:

Online Masters Programs:Photos of Stafford Global - Online Education• Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
Specializations include: Human Resource Management, Finance, and Marketing. Normally studied online over a 24-month period, but this may be extended to a maximum of 4 years. 

• MSc in Human Resource Management and Training
This course equips you with the necessary skills to undertake work in the broad area of human resources. Standard online study duration = 2 years, but this may be extended to a maximum of 4 years. 

• MSc in Finance

Provides you with a thorough understanding of the principle methods and techniques of financial management. Standard online study duration = 24 months, but this may be extended to a maximum of 48 months.

• MA in Media & Public Relations
Specializations include: Mass Communications; New Media and Society; New Media Governance and Democracy; Communications, Media and Public Relations; Communications, Media and Advertising. Standard online study duration = 2 years. 

• MSc in Marketing

Modern marketing managers rely upon cutting-edge knowledge about consumer behaviour and consumption practices, strategy formulation and implementation, and innovation and new product development. Standard online study duration = 30 months, but this may be extended to a maximum of 48 months.  

• MSc in Psychology
Allows you to examine the social, cultural, and cognitive aspects of human behaviour, providing you with a fundamental understanding of psychology principles. Standard online study duration = 2 years. 

• MSc in Psychology of Work
Modules include: Ergonomics, Psychology of Organising, Training & Development, and The Individual at Work. Standard online study duration = 2 years.

• MSc in Occupational Psychology (BPS accredited)
Accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), this course requires candidates to have achieved a BPS recognised qualification at an undergraduate level. Standard online study duration = 2 years. 

• MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

This program allows you to expand your knowledge of current theoretical and practical aspects of language teaching. Standard online study duration = 30 months, but this may be extended to a maximum of 4 years. 

• MSc Educational Leadership
The course is designed to meet the needs and interests of a wide spectrum of practitioners including teachers, school managers and educational professionals. Standard online study duration = 2 years.

• MA in International Education

Specialist pathways include: Pedagogy; Educational Innovation and Reform; Leadership, Culture and Learning; Inclusion and Special Educational Needs; and Learning Technology. Standard online study duration = 24 months, but this may be extended to a maximum of 4 years.

• MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster ManagementStandard online study duration = 2 years. The course provides a thorough grounding in risk management theory and its application to real world problems. 

• MSc in Security and Risk Management
This program allows you to develop a detailed knowledge of aspects of crime, risk and managing security in organisations. Standard online study duration = 2 years. 

• MA / MSc in Museum Studies

The course equips you with a thorough knowledge of current principles, practice, and contemporary debates in Museum Studies. Standard online study duration = 2 years.

• MSc in Actuarial Science
Once a student has completed the full MSc they are only one exam away from become a Certified Actuarial Analyst. Standard online study duration = 2 years. 

• MSc in Diabetes

The programme allows you to develop your knowledge of diabetes care and choose topics in which to specialise. Standard online study duration = 27 months.

Online Doctorate Program:

• Doctorate in Social Science (Human Resource Management)
Aims to produce a group of leading practitioners who have mastered the full range of theoretical and practical knowledge. Studied via distance learning over a minimum of 48 months to a maximum of 72 months.

Online Undergraduate Programs:

• Diploma Higher Education in Human Resource Management

This course examines organisational behaviour, human resource management, employee relations and employee development. Standard online study duration = 19 months, but this may be extended to a maximum of 24 months. 

• Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Human Resource Management

Designed for training human resource practitioners to build on existing academic experience. Standard online study duration varies, but is typically 1-2 years. 

• Post Graduate Certificate in Learning Technologies
Offers students with both theoretical underpinnings and practical hands-on experience of the technologies in different learning contexts. Standard online study duration = 9 months. 

University of Nottingham, UK:

Picture of Online Degree Courses in Oman• Online PGCEi: Post Graduate Certificate in Education (International)
Normally studied online over 12 months. Focuses on the improvement of individual teaching practice through critical reflection and research on practice.

University of Dundee, UK:

• MSc in Leadership and Innovation
This is an advanced course of study for professionals, managers and leaders who wish to develop their leadership and innovation knowledge and skills. Studied via distance learning over 1-3 years. 

Images of Stafford Global - Online Education• Online Master of Education (M.Ed)
Accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, this program is essential for professionals who work, have past experience of working, or aspire to work in an educational setting, and who wish to improve their career prospects in private, public or international schools worldwide. Normally studied online over 18 months.

Nursery / Early Education; Inclusion and Learner Support; Developing Mathematical Thinking; Pupil Care and Support; International Education.

• BA in Childhood Studies

The course gives you the opportunity to develop your professionalism and leadership skills while you continue to work with young people. Duration: 2-6 years depending on level of entry. 

• BA in Professional Development (BAPD)
Duration: 2-6 years depending on level of entry. In addition to a general award of BA Professional Development, the course has named awards in the following areas of specialization:

- BA Professional Development in Community Engagement
- BA Professional Development in Leadership and Management
- BA Professional Development in Volunteer Management

• BA Professional Development in Tertiary Education
This course is suitable for professionals working in tertiary education, community learning, or even social work. Duration: 2-6 years depending on level of entry.

• Post-Graduate / Undergraduate Teaching Qualification (Further Education)

This program is designed for staff working in colleges and other educational workplace environments who may wish to develop their existing teaching or training skills further. Duration: 1 year.

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