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New Concept Mandarin, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and many more:
With schools located throughout mainland China and in Hong Kong, New Concept Mandarin is a leading Mandarin Chinese language school. We specialize in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language to non-Chinese speakers from around the world, as well as those who are living and working in China. We teach students of all levels - from total beginner to advanced. Our language centres are situated in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore.

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Qualified & Experienced Mandarin Teachers:

Photo of Mandarin Chinese Language Programs in ChinaOur teachers are native Mandarin speakers who have gone through complete training on the New Concept Mandarin method. They have mastered both the theory and practice. Their training ensures that your learning is efficient, fast, and that the process of learning is fun. Over 85% of our students further enroll in a more advanced level course!

Quality Mandarin Chinese Instruction:
We provide small group Chinese classes, private Chinese lessons and our unique 10-90 day Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP). Corporate Chinese language training for businesses and organizations is also one of our strengths and we customize each program to suit the learning needs of our clients.

Our teaching approach is based on over 20 years experience in applied linguistic research and teaching in Australia, North America, Hong Kong and China. Our teaching is dynamic, interactive, rewarding and tailored to individual or group needs. We combine face-to-face learning with interactive products and online learning tools, which make the learning experience personal, practical, flexible and fun. We integrate all language skills (speaking, listening, reading & writing). We believe in experiential learning and utilize multi-media in order to stimulate all the senses to achieve this experience.

Our teaching method aims to provide:
- Comprehensive language skills
- A learning environment which leads to rapid language acquisition
- A stimulating, enjoyable learning experience

Mandarin Chinese Language Programs:

Image of Mandarin Chinese Language Programs in China- Private Mandarin Lessons
- Small Group Chinese Classes
- Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP)
- Intensive Mandarin Courses
- Survival Chinese
- Social Chinese
- Professional Chinese for Business
- Corporate Chinese Training for Companies & Organizations
- Online Instructor-led Chinese Courses
- Online Self-learning Course for Beginners

Student Testimonials:
"I highly recommend New Concept Mandarin as a great candidate for a language school. I studied Mandarin for two months and loved every minute of it. While a student at NCM I felt that my teachers did a great job in making me feel comfortable at all times. The teaching curriculum is very easy to follow and very efficient. The teachers at NCM have a wonderful rapport with people of all ages. Their ability to connect with their students and their talent at teaching Mandarin are truly superior. They all have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They are extremely organized and reliable. The teachers accomplish these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. I recommend NCM to whomever wants to learn Mandarin."
- Jennifer, Suzhou

"The practical teaching method of New Concept Mandarin, where the student is encouraged to talk a lot, especially in the early phases, works really well in overcoming the initial barriers when trying to speak a new language. The teachers explained not only the grammar but also how the words were put together, which made them a lot easier to memorise. The classes were tailor made for my requirements and were always stimulating."
- Thorsten Everling, Beijing

"I have hugely enjoyed learning Mandarin at NCM. The language itself is fascinating, as it is so vastly different to English and learning the characters is like unlocking a puzzle, but the real joy has been my teacher, she has done an excellent job at keeping the sessions fun and interesting, varied and not regimented, but still thorough in teaching style and constantly adapted to my learning needs over time. I have made great progress, thanks to a fun but very professional teacher."

- David Charnley, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Hong Kong

About New Concept Mandarin:

Photos of New Concept Mandarin, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and many moreThe story behind New Concept Mandarin is interesting because it has roots in a linguistic research and teaching program led by the institute's founder and CEO, Fu Xianling, at the Griffith University of Queensland in Australia.

In 1986, Fu Xianling was invited to Australia as a guest of the Australian Government to help teach Australians to become Chinese teachers. With 10 years university teaching experience and a master's degree in applied linguistics from Wuhan in China's Hubei Province, Fu Xianling arrived in Australia when the country, under the leadership of Prime Minister Bob Hawke, recognized the importance of China as an emerging trade partner and the long-term need to understand Chinese language and culture. As a lecturer at Griffith University, Fu Xianling helped develop the first computer based program to help teach Chinese, and focused on a teaching method that taught adults a second-language in the same way that Chinese children learn to speak, read, listen and write from a young age. According to comparative test results supplied by the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington DC, Fu Xianling's innovative teaching methods, helped "westerners" learn Chinese "three times faster" than other standard teachin methods.

After spending 5 years in Australia, Fu was faced with a tough decision - to stay on and enjoy the easy-going Australian lifestyle or accept a new challenge in Hong Kong and China, where he had been encouraged to establish a Mandarin language training institute to meet the need to provide international businesses with Mandarin language skills in anticipation of the international community's closer economic ties with Mainland China.

Fu Xianling accepted that challenge and opened the first Mandarin language centers focusing on providing Mandarin skills for the expatriate business sector. New Concept Mandarin is widely known as the leading Mandarin language training institute, with centers throughout China and the region, and an extensive range of teaching programs, online courses and interactive learning tools.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in experiential learning and utilize multi-media in order to stimulate all the senses to achieve this experience. The following fundamental beliefs determine how our teaching activities are designed and what students will achieve:

- To learn a new language is to experience a new way of life;
- To teach language is to help people develop a new way of being in the world;
- Language is an action and a medium to communicate with;
- Learning and using language involves the whole body.

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