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Konall Culture Exchange, Shijiazhuang:
Situated in Shijiazhuang, 2 hours south of Beijing, Konall Culture Exchange (KCE) is a Mandarin Chinese language institution that provides a wide range of beginner to advanced level Mandarin immersion programs. Courses include Monthly Intensive Chinese lessons, HSK Exam preparation, Business Chinese classes, Cultural exchange programs, and more. Students can choose to stay with local Chinese families (homestay option), or in rented apartment accommodation.

About Konall Culture Exchange:

KCE is an academically minded Mandarin language institute with 6 years experience designing custom curriculums tailored to each student's individual goals.

Our very intensive yet affordable programs feature all private classes with professional, certified teachers and a true immersion environment in a large developed city where Standard Mandarin is spoken on the street and foreigners are still a rare sight.

KCE Chinese Program Highlights:
- 4 hours per day of 1-to-1 lessons with our professional, certified Mandarin teachers
- All books and study materials included
- Free wireless internet and bicycle
- Choose your own program start and end dates
- Free private room with internet and 2 meals a day with Chinese Host family
- Bi-weekly group activities
- 24-hour a day support
- Private and shared apartments available
- Free visa assistance and travel services
- Standard Mandarin speaking city of over 9 million residents

Beginner to Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese Immersion Programs:

- Monthly Intensive Chinese program (20 hours of private Mandarin lessons per week)
- HSK Chinese Exam preparation
- Business Chinese classes
- Cultural exchange program (private Chinese language lessons + cultural activities)
- Study and Travel Tours (group Mandarin immersion programs)
- Chinese culture courses (calligraphy, painting, Tai chi, etc)
- Internship / Work & Study Programs (1-9 months)
- Homestay program - with a local Chinese family

Accommodation Options:

Private Apartments:
KCE private apartments provide you with spacious, modern and comfortable housing for the duration of your program. All KCE apartments come fully furnished with modern appliances including refrigerator, AC/heating, cable t.v, broadband internet, washing machine, study desk, cooking utensils and bedding/linen etc. Each apartment is located within 15mins walk of our institute.

Chinese Home-Stay with Local Family:
Each of our carefully screened families provide a level of comfort that is on par with what you would find in your home country. In addition to improving your Mandarin through increased immersion, you will also gain a unique insight into modern Chinese family life and the culture and customs that go with it.

As a foreign guest you will be taken in and treated as one of the family, and it is not uncommon for KCE students to form lasting friendships with their new family members.


Located a convenient two hours south of Beijing, Shijiazhuang is a large, rapidly growing, and very modern Chinese city. With over 9,000,000 native Mandarin speakers and very little western influence, Shijiazhuang offers a very high level of daily immersion.

Close enough to Beijing for a weekend excursion or job interview, yet far enough away to avoid the crowds of tourists, ex-pats and foreign students, Shijiazhuang provides an excellent alternative for those wanting to jump head-first into Chinese language and culture.

Student Testimonials:
"The people of Shijiazhuang are extremely nice and eager to speak with a foreigner...The last point I must emphasize about my trip to Shijiazhuang is its affordability.

Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, Shijiazhuang is 2 to 3 times cheaper....Overall, I ended this experience loving this city, its people, the school, and the teachers and students I met...."
- Aura, USA

"I stayed in Shijiazhuang (SJZ) for four weeks and took four hours of private lessons five days a week, plus I lived with a host family. I can highly recommend this program to everyone who really wants to learn Mandarin and to get to know the Chinese and their way of life."
- Eyleen, Germany

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Address: No. 88 Huai An Xi Lu, Zhuo Da Mei Gui Yuan, Shijiazhuang, China
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2023-11-21 were from:

Australia; USA; manaus AM Brasil, Brazil; Улан-Удэ, Russia; Philippines; Zambia; Canada; Springville, California, USA; Indianapolis, USA; and more.