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Learn Italian in Florence, the capital of the region of Tuscany, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, you will learn Italian in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Many geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Brunelleschi and Machiavelli have contributed to its grandeur.

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Photo of Italian Language & Art Courses in Florence, Italy Florence, the heart of a civilization, a nucleus of the world's artistic patrimony, was founded in the pre-Roman era, along the banks of the Arno; the river which near Arezzo makes a wide turn northward, flowing through Florence and onward toward the sea, toward the routes of commerce, adventure, and knowledge.

The Romans called it Florentia, paying homage to the goddess Flora, given it's lush hillsides, as well as to evoke, even if symbolically, the flourishing of the city (the lily is still the symbol of the city's flag and shield).

Florence, from as far back as 1200 was the stage for numerous radical and profound cultural revolutions. We have Dante Alighieri to thank for the birth of the Italian language as well as the history of modern prose through his poetry and the work of Giovanni Boccaccio. Humanism was founded here and affirmed the vastness of its panorama of knowledge. Leonardo da Vinci established here his laboratories of artistic and scientific experimentation. Sandro Botticelli translated poetry into pictorial visions. Michelangelo Buonarroti became an authentic example of the formal and philosophic significance of the Renaissance. Lorenzo de'Medici succeeded in attributing economic and political value to art and culture, inviting and sending abroad, as if ambassadors, the most brilliant talents and minds of Europe. In the rooms of the Pitti Palace, the tradition of the melodrama or opera, found its beginnings.

Today, Florence has remained coherent to its past and has not become an industrial city, as have Milan or Turin. Instead it has remained a point of reference for good taste and new design (along with Paris, Florence is still a European fashion capital, hosting numerous fashion shows throughout the year.) Proof is easily found, just by walking around the city; from Porta Romana to Via de'Bardi, from Santa Maria Novella to Santa Croce, from Via Roma to the Ponte Vecchio, from the San Frediano quarter to Borgo Ognissanti: the lines of conjunction are the meridians and parallels of a city that offers everything from antiques to the most modern design and imposes a dimension of life and of thought that is unique in Italy, and can be likened to the incredible flavor of its simple, rustic cuisine, or to the elegant sobriety of the fa├žade of Florentine palazzo.


Image of Accademia Europea Di Firenze, Florence We want our students to be comfortable; to feel as if they were at home, and in order to do so, we offer many free services that they are welcome to use:

Cinema, Art Exhibits, Concerts and Theater
The staff provides the students with an accurate information service regarding the most important cultural events taking place during their stay, both within Florence and around Italy. Upon request, the school can also provide the service of reserving tickets, often obtaining reduced-price tickets when there are enough students to form a group.

An Evening at the Opera
Outings and excursions to see the most prestigious productions are regularly organized during the Opera season and festivals (Puccini Festival, Arena di Verona, Rossini Festival, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, etc.).

The use of a piano is available to students who wish to practice their study of the instrument or to study their vocal repertoire.

Chorus and Orchestra
Accademia Europea di Firenze actively collaborates with a chorus and a 40 piece orchestra. As long as it is compatible with programmed concerts, interested students may participate in their rehearsals, even for short periods of time.

Free Internet
The students of AEF are welcome to use the computers in the lab, free of charge, to navigate the web, write and receive email, as well as use the office applications installed.

The staff can provide students wishing to practice a sport with information about sports clubs, gyms, dance lessons, and playing fields. The school also organizes afternoon sport activities (soccer, volleyball, basketball), as well as a chance to see professional matches.

Student Card
A school ID card will allow students to receive special discounts in selected stores, bars, restaurants, wine shops, bookstores, music stores, theaters and music halls.

School / Office Address: Via Roma 4
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